The King’s Route – Royal Thrills

24. October 2016

If you ask me, I’d say that I live in one of the loveliest areas of the Alps. When my Swedish friend Andreas arrived for a visit this summer I wanted to prove it to him. What could have been better than to take a walk through the unspoilt countryside from a different perspective?


The Olympiaregion Seefeld has a pretty big choice of mountains (I’m sure that comes as a surprise to everyone ????) so it was difficult for me to choose the first peak for us to climb. My Swedish friend Andreas wasn’t that experienced in the mountains so I eventually plumped for the Königstour (the ‘King’s Route’) in Seefeld as an introduction.


No sooner said than done, we were up at the Seefelder Joch at midday after a relaxed gondola ride. The sun was shining and a few clouds drifted across the deep blue of the sky. Andreas, as a ‘flatlander’, thought the view from the Joch was breathtaking. We wandered along the ridge up to the Seefelder Spitze without any problems After the obligatory selfie we headed off along the gravel gullies through to the next ridge.

‘Only with alpine experience’ was the advice for the final ascent so we approached the rocky route with some care. The steep climb left us a bit breathless but happily the cross on the peak was soon in sight and all the effort was worth it when we caught the lovely views from the top. The villages of the Olympiaregion were laid out far below us while in the distance it was possible to look into nearby Germany.

On a rocky outcrop, directly under the cross, we stretched out and enjoyed the snacks that we had carried with us. Andreas was thrilled and I must say that I couldn’t get enough of this wonderful view. Happy with my choice of tour – alpine and yet quite simple – I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. Suddenly I realised that we wanted to catch the last gondola from the Härmelekopf to get back to Seefeld. Walking down would have been a bit of a pain. When you have the luxury of a mountain lift around, it’d be a shame not to use it?


I hurried a confused Andreas, who couldn’t quite follow my quick explanation about the last lift and a long walk down, along behind me and we rushed down to the Nördlinger Hütte as quickly as possible. From there we practically ran down the trail to the top of the cable car station. Wheezing we turned the last corner and just made it to the cable car. As soon as we were inside they closed the doors and began the journey back to the valley.


Whether you believe it or not: we managed a few walks in the following days but Andreas definitely preferred this one – especially because of our heroic sprint to the lift station – a walk fit for kings.


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Seefelder Spitze


Foto: Lisa Krenkel


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