Paragliding in the early morning

24. October 2016

Crazy? Yep. Crazy about those mountains. What could be lovelier than to applaud the sunrise high above the clouds and to watch how the colour of the sky shifts between shades of red, orange and pink. Slowly the shining stars give way to a new day…

A feeling of real freedom

That’s the kind of freedom and moments of happiness, calm and contentment that I rarely get to feel in normal life. Could there be a lovelier place in the world?

01.00 in the morning – the start is an early one but we’re not long into the climb in the light of our headlamps and we agree that the effort is worth it. The peaceful silence around us is only broken by the sound of our breathing. With our paragliding equipment in our packs we hike up to the Seefelder Joch and climb to the Seefelder Spitze.

The Milky Way glistens in the night sky. Once we reach the summit, we lean back, watch the stars and make bets on who can see the most satellites and shooting stars. The imposing silhouettes of the mountains appear against the slowly brightening sky. Off to the left the majestic Karwendel mountains, while on the other side looms the Wetterstein range. The visibility is good and my gaze wanders from the Hohe Munde to the Zugspitze.

The first rays of the sun hit the back of the peaks and it’s as if we are under a spell. It’s one of the loveliest sunrises that I have experienced in the mountains. The panorama from the Seefelder Spitze is indescribable. The mountain peaks are touched with a delicate pink, and the tallest of them have been left with a dusting of ‘icing sugar’ after this clear night.

The best comes at the end – paragliding

After a really incredible sunrise, the best is yet to come: the flight with a paraglider to the valley. Carefully my friends lay their canopies out. I’m flying as a passenger in a tandem. The wind is perfect and lifts us gently into the air. The clear fresh breeze raises our spirits and we circle above Seefeld and the Wildsee. After this smooth flight, we land on a meadow near the golf course and shock the first dogs on their morning walk. Back at the car I change quickly into my work clothes and head off for the office. A start to the day such as this is not only priceless but not the last I am going to experience.

Good morning, Olympiaregion Seefeld. Good morning, world.

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Photos: Volker Kleffmann, Klemens Weisleitner & Lisa Krenkel

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