Tyrolean Schlutzkrapfen in an Autumn Outfit

25. October 2016

The five-star superior Interalpen Hotel near Seefeld is known for its exquisite, experimental and experienced cuisine. The charismatic head cook Mario Döring, award-winning chef, and his team conjure up exclusive dishes of top quality which are influenced by culinary trends from around the world, as well as carefully-prepared traditional meals.


A good-humoured Mario Döring, head chef at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, is waiting in his gourmet kitchen for me to join him for a  communal cook. Wonderful smells waft past my nose from all directions. I’m impressed by the friendly and relaxed atmosphere here in the kitchen as well as the outsized panoramic window out onto the Hohe Munde. Around 55 cooks and assistants chop, shred, chat and cook together in this large kitchen, which also boasts its own bakery and pastry area. Only fresh ingredients and specially-selected products are used in the preparation of the dishes in this award-winning kitchen.  A special emphasis is put on sustainability and the use of regional products.


We discuss the ingredients and the recipe before Mario Döring gets busy with his cook’s ladle. My stomach shows its appreciation and anticipation of the awaited vegetarian dish with a loud rumble. Then the head cook gets started with the preparations for the Tyrolean Schlutzkrapfen.

Tyrolean Schlutzkrapfen
with variations of Hokkaido pumpkin and dandelion


Prepare a dough from the flour, salt, egg yolks, oil and water and leave it to stand for half an hour. When the dough has rested roll it out to a thin layer and cut leaves out of it around 7cm in size. Fill these leaves with the pumpkin mash and press the edges together. Run a pizza cutter around the edges to create an attractive pattern. Lower the stuffed pasta into boiling salted water for around five minutes. They are ready when they start to float. Finally toss them with some butter.


Side dish – Pumpkin Mash:
Wash and quarter the pumpkin, deseed it and lay it on an oven tray. Add the garlic, thyme and sea salt and cover with aluminium foil before putting it into an oven heated to 180 °c for 15 – 20 minutes. When the pumpkin has softened, mash it with a fork and add salt and pepper to taste.


Pumpkin Slices:
Wash and quarter the pumpkin, deseed it and slice it thinly. Boil the vegetable broth with vinegar and salt and sweeten to taste. The broth should develop a sweet and sour taste. Pour the hot broth over the pumpkin slices and allow to marinade.


mountain cheese, dandelion, browned butter


To serve:
Place the Schlutzkrapfen on a plate and arrange the pumpkin as desired. Sprinkle some mountain cheese on the pasta and the pour the hot butter over the dish.

Later on I’m sitting with wide eyes in front of this beautiful red plate which has been decorated by the delicate Tyrolean Schlutzkrapfen handmade by award-winning chef Mario Döring. The plate looks like a work of art and it takes a few minutes before I dare to dig in to the food. Those who are fans of stuffed pasta will love this recipe. The delicate taste of the pumpkin mash surrounded by soft covering of pastry combined with the sweet and sour pumpkin strips is not to be missed.

Experience this delicacy yourselves by following the recipe…


Recipe to cook


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Foto: Heidi Jehle/Interalpen Hotel Tyrol

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