Snow from yesterday – snowfarming

17. November 2016

Environmentally-friendly, resource-saving and sustainable snow management through snowfarming – here too the plateau is working for a ‘snow-sure’ future.


Winter is back! A lovely blanket of white over the Olympiaregion Seefeld at 1200 metres. The first photos of winter are snapped and shared and, in my thoughts, I’m already on the first cross-country run. But surely that’s too early?

Not at all, because we’re here in on oft the best cross-country ski resort in the world with an additional snow guarantee. Since 11.11.2016 – no Carnival joke, we started with the cross-country training on the plateau on the wonderfully-prepared, 9-metre wide and 2km long snowfarming trail.


Magic formula: Snowfarming

To find out more about this topic, I asked Martin Tauber – a colleague with the Seefeld Tourist Office and Nordic Project Leader – for a chat: The magic words are ‘snow from yesterday’: snow is produced especially in January and February when temperatures are low. We are talking about up to 5000 cubic metres of artificial snow, which equates to 500 lorry-loaIn the spring, the remaining snow in the area is collected, stored in the snow-depot and preserved in an environmentally-friendly way under wood chips.

It takes seven days to prepare the snowfarming trail (three days to remove the wood chips and four to spread the snow over the trail).

Conservation of snow

What is special about this method is that no chemical additives are used – the only work is with water and naturally cold air. This principle was learned from our ancestors, who used it in their ice cellars, their equivalent of the refrigerator. The wood chips, once the snow has been transported, can be used to heat the households in the region: sustainable and effective! The goal is to become the top cross-country region by using this sustainable method and, perhaps even in 2017, to be able to store double the amount of snow.


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Fotos: Stephanie Kratzer

Film: Mathias Obmascher

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