Ski touring – a highly addictive sport

23. January 2017

After all the snowfalls of the past weeks, we can finally say: it’s time to do ski touring! If you seek for perfect powder descents and untouched slopes: grab your skis, your skins and let’s go!
The Olympiaregion Seefeld offers you great backcountry skiing terrain for deep powder skiing, fascinating views and unforgettable experiences in the mountains.

Ski touring – a magical experience

There is a special magic in ski touring. Every tour and every day outside is a special adventure. Untouched powder slopes sparkling in the sun and lonesome peaks with stunning views on the alpine world are waiting for you – and they are surely worth the efforts of hiking up!

A good preparation is everything

The preparation for the ski touring season already begins before the deep snow arrives: an early fitness training will always pay off! One or another strength training combined with endurance training will help you to be ready when the snow is there. Especially at the beginning of a season, ski tours on the slopes are a great way to train your fitness.

Tip: Every Friday you can enjoy a special ski touring evening at the Rosshüte Seefeld. On these nights, the slopes are open for ski mountaineers.

If you’re looking for a good way to end your working day or if you’d like to hike under the stars, you can hike up to the Seefelder Joch (2065 m/ 6774 ft), starting from the parking lot of the Rosshütte. With a little less than 900 meters of elevation gain until the summit, this tour is ideal for both beginners and advanced skiers. What’s also perfect: the restaurant “Bergrestaurant” is open and you can enjoy a good drink or warm meal after a long tour. Can you imagine a better start into the weekend?

On the hunt for powder

Impatiently and in excited anticipation we have been waiting for the snow, and it has finally arrived. That means: leave the slopes and enjoy the lonely backcountry! Good preparation is everything. Check the latest avalache report and the current snow situation with care before deciding where to go. How are the conditions out there? Which tour is worth the hike?

Once you found a destination and packed your rucksack (always pack your transreceiver, shovel and probe as well as a good snack), you’re good to go! The early bird catches the worm – ski mountaineers are often the first ones out in the nature. The cold bites your lungs and the alpine world is slowly waking up around you while you’re already making your way up the mountain. Luckily, the exertion warms you up.

When you finally arrive the summit, you immediately gape in astonishment: these views! An endless sea of valleys and peaks surrounds you. You can look over the whole Olympiaregion Seefeld, a view you surely don’t get every day!

The best is yet to come: the descent!

The best thing hasn’t happened yet: the deep snow is waiting for you! Get the skins off your skis, finish your drinks and snacks and get back on the skis. Are you ready? 3, 2, 1 – drop in! What great fun! You’re gliding trough the untouched powder and can’t stop smiling. When you cannot hide the joy, scream it out loud: “Yoo-hoo!”. The tiring ascent was really worth it all the way. Even if your muscles are already burning, you don’t want to get closer to the valley. You’re floating on the powder – you’re free, your fast, it feels as if you’re almost flying!

This feeling is highly addictive. You want to experience it again and again. So once down in the valley you’ll ask your friends right away: When do we go next time? Let’s go ski again!


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Fotos: Tessa Mellinger/ Heinz Zak/ Andre Schönherr

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