13 unforgettable winter experiences you shouldn’t miss!

6. February 2017

You have always wanted to do something very special on your holiday, something you have never done before? We offer a great winter activity programme that guarantees unique and unforgettable adventures.


Have a ride with our pistenbully on the cross-country ski trail, test your skills in biathlon or be the only one on the slopes early in the morning before the opening times. These and many more experiences can be made with the Olympiaregion Seefeld card, exclusively and free of charge! This is how you take part: Your accommodation provider or our information offices will help you register in advance for the activities of your choice. Add them electronically to your guest card and you’re ready to go!


Your overview of the winter experiences:

1.    Seize the day: Early morning skiing

The early bird catches the worm – and the empty, perfectly groomed ski slopes! Be the first one on the mountain and enjoy the freshly-groomed slopes on the Gschwandtkopf before the official opening times. Between 8 and 9 am, you are the only skier on the hill. Afterwards, you’ve got the possibility to enjoy a good, hearty breakfast at the “Sonnenalm” hut. A perfect start into the day!

2.    Passion for grooming the slopes

They are the heroes of the night: the snow preparation machines and their drivers prepare the slopes while we are already enjoying a relaxed night at home. Over night, they set out into the region to guarantee perfectly groomed ski slopes. More than 20 machines with up to 455PS per engine are at work every night. You have always been curious about this job and wanted to have a ride with such a powerful machine? Holders of the Olympiaregion Seefeld card can experience this special adventure exclusively and at no cost!

3.    It is winter, my deer! Wildlife watching in Reith

Many wild animals are at home in the Tyrolian mountain world. If you’re lucky, you get to see a deer or other shy animals. But how do they survive winter? Who feeds them? Join our forester how he takes care of the deer’s needs and get to know more about the feeding of the local wildlife. And maybe you get to see the animals, too! Note: this activity is conducted in German only.

4.    “Test your marksmanship”: Biathlon taster lesson

You’re a big fan of biathlon and you have always wanted to try out this sports? It’s a great combination of cross-country skiing and shooting. Both endurance and precision are important – this activity offers the best of both worlds! Test your skills and enjoy an interesting taster lesson! This experience guarantees a lot of fun!

5.    A shaggy cow story

The Highland cattle are but one thing: shaggy! With their big brown eyes peeking out under their long hair, they let melt hearts. Get in touch with the hairy, lovable animals and find out all there is to know about the Highland cattle born and bred in Tyrol! And maybe you grab a hay fork and experience the daily work of a farmer. It’s a fun experience for children and adults!

6.    “On your pistes, get set, go!”: Night skiing

Skiing under the stars is a very special experience. Ride into the night with us! For one hour you’ve got the chance to be the only skier on the perfectly groomed slopes of the Rosshütte. This activity should definitely be on your bucket list this winter!

7.    Searching for traces: Children’s programme

If you ever hiked in the fresh snow of the Alps, you might have encountered them: tracks in the snow. There are little paws, claws and hooves in the snow – a lot to find and seek! But whose traces are these? Who lives out there in the snow? Our Nature Park Guide knows many exciting stories about the animals and lets the children in on the secret of how to read tracks. Age groups: 7 – 14 years. A great adventure that teaches the kids great things!

8.    Historical Seefeld

The old village Seefeld has seen a lot in history. Come with us and travel through the time. Our tourist guide Mrs. Glatzl has got many stories to tell and takes you on a winter walk through the holiday village. Discover the historical side of Seefeld up until today!

9.    Walk trough the snow beneath a starry sky

Far away from the bright lights of the cities the stars shine even brighter. At night, when the world has become silent, you can experience nature in a different, beautiful way. Enjoy an enchanting walk under the starry night sky with us! Interesting stories about former times and little anecdotes guide this activity. This promises an entertaining evening – grab your hiking boots and let’s go!

10.     Walk through the winterly forest in Leuatsch

The Leutaschtal valley has got many magical, untouched places to offer. Nature guide Hans Bantl takes you to some of the most beautiful spots in the valley, such as the Gaistal or the Katzenloch. This activity promises a wonderful hike through the winterly forest with stunning views and in great company!

11.    Olympiaregion Seefeld – Nostalgic film trip back in time

The Cinepoint Seefeld shows regional films played or produced in Austria or the Alps. Currently at the programme: “Ruf der Pferde”, a thrilling drama with Austrian actor Hansi Hinterseer. This film is in German only. Enjoy a cosy and entertaining evening at the Cinepoint cinema!

12.     An enchanting snowshoe hike

Snowshoeing can introduce you a new, beautiful world. Hike through the untouched snow of the Alps and enjoy views you’ve never seen before! We take you on a tour through the magical winter forest or up the Mühlberg mountain. It’s an unforgettable, amazing experience, not only for beginners in snowshoeing!

13.     Learn something new in Seefeld: Curling

“Eisstockschießen” is a sports very similar to curling and it has got its roots in the Alps. So what better place to learn this sport than here! We introduce you to the techniques and rules of the game. Afterwards, teams are formed to play a tournament. May the best one win! And who knows, maybe you’ll discover your hidden talent for curling…?

Have you found your personal experience? Go for adventure!


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Photos: TVB Olympiaregion Seefeld/ Heinz Holzknecht/ Andre Schönherr/ Fotolia/ Christian Schipflinger

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