Hooray, it’s spring time

7. April 2017

Spring in the Olympiaregion Seefeld: We love it! This season is a very special time of the year. After a long hibernation, the world wakes up again and becomes colourful, bright and cheerful. The sun tickles our noses and warms us up. What makes spring so special and what activities you can do at this time of the year: We’ll tell you!


Spring: One season for (almost) all activities

The main reason why we love spring:  There’s sooo much to do! Spring is a boring low season? Not a chance! The sun lets the temperatures rise during the day which motivates us to do all kind of activities. You can go for a leisure walk or your first hikes of the season, grab the mountain bike or enjoy rock climbing in the sun – The range of activities is big! If you dress smartly in layers you can put on and off quickly, you can fully enjoy the weather. Is there any better way to prepare yourself for summer? The mountain world awaits us!

Spring feelings olé!

Spring has got a special effect on us. The sunshine makes the old snow melt and the first brave flowers are slowly starting to bloom. This is why spring is so wonderfully colourful. Yellow, rose, blue and green, nature shows off its most beautiful colours. It also smells delicious. It’s a scent that reminds us of our childhood. The bird’s twittering sounds like music in our ears. These colours, the scent and the sounds have got an effect on us: We get a spring fever! We are looking forward to the new season and we cannot wait to go outside.

Sun bathing on the sunny plateau

After a long cold winter, we can hardly wait to lay in the sun and fill up our vitamin d storage. We can finally enjoy the sunshine without getting a so-called “goggle-face” that lasts for weeks!

Thanks to the sun, our body releases more happy hormones and chemical messengers. This makes us feel happier and fitter. Vitamin d also has a positive effect on our sleep-wake-cycle and we are more relaxed and well-rested. This makes us cope with the change of the clocks a little easier.


The motto is: Sun worshippers, ready, steady, go! Let’s go outside and take in the fresh air and sunshine. There are few other places as perfect for this as the Olympiaregion Seefeld. You can find many spots to fry in the sun here on the sunny plateau.  How about a picnic at lake Möserer See, for example? Sitting on the very top of the jetty is priceless!

So many reasons to simply love spring. Enjoy the spring awakening and celebrate the beginning of a new season!


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Photos: Heinz Holzknecht/ Heinz Zak/ Iris Krug/ Tessa Mellinger

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