Fresh fish on the plate – Mountain Salmon

12. May 2017

Culinary own creations sprung from a new way of thinking, mixed with quality products from the region: This is the certain something the appetizing menu of the family-run restaurant Alt Mösern has been offering for 40 years now.


The restaurant Alt Mösern in Mösern is an insider tip and a place for gourmets. In the past 40 years, the family-run business that was founded in 1977 has changed from a coffee-house to a restaurant and made itself a name with the seasonal and creative cuisine. From nose to tail, everything is cooked with tasty precision and unique flavours.


Besides best quality products and an excellent service, the guest enjoys an extraordinary ambience. The restaurant that offers fantastic views over the surrounding mountain world and the Inntal valley wins with flair and a cosy atmosphere. In the close-knit family-run business, the senior bosses Angelika and Walter as well as daughter Jacqueline themselves fulfil their guest’s wishes in the service. Son-in-law Alexander and his team of three members are the specialists for the culinary delights behind the stove.

In today’s kitchen, “Mountain Salmon from Leutasch with mashed cauliflower, baby spinach and pomegranate reduction on saffron foam” is on the menu. The fish comes from the nearby village and is freshly served. After a nice chat and a good cup of coffee, chef Alexander and I are getting ready to go to the kitchen where a fresh mountain salmon is already awaiting us.


Mountain salmon from Leutasch with mashed cauliflower,
baby spinach and pomegranate reduction on saffron foam


Fillet the mountain salmon, remove the bones and pat the fish dry, then let it rest in room temperature. Heat oil in a pan. Slightly salt the fish fillets and slowly fry them on the skin side, regularly pour them over. Finally turn it and cook it in the foamed butter. Cut the cauliflower in small pieces and cook it in milk until tender, season with salt and sugar, mash it with a stick blender or a cutter.

Marinate the fresh baby spinach with salt, fresh pepper, good olive oil and some balsamic vinegar shortly before serving. De-seed the pomegranate afterwards, sauté the seeds in butter, slightly caramelize them with sugar and add pomegranate juice, reduce it until everything has got a treacly consistency. Season with salt, pepper and vinegar and strain it through a sieve.

Fill the nuts in a bowl and mix them with the other ingredients. Put everything on a baking tray and bake it for around 10 minutes on 200°C in the oven. Let it chill and put it on kitchen paper to dry. Cut the shallots and garlic into small dices, sauté in butter, add the risotto, caramelize with sugar, add the saffron, add white wine and let it reduce completely. Pour in the chicken stock and let it reduce until half, add cream, bring it to the boil once, season it with salt and sugar; strain it through a fine sieve and blend it with sour cream until it is frothy.

Finally, you can prepare the plate: First place the spinach on the plate and add the mashed cauliflower. Then place the fish and put drops of the saffron foam on top. In the end sprinkle the nuts over the dish – and the tasty fish plate can be served!

The various scents in the kitchen already enchanted me while cooking. Armed with a knife and fork, I fell on the succulent mountain salmon. New to me was the mashed cauliflower that melted in my mouth. The combination of the single ingredients was harmonic on the one hand and strikingly dominating on the other hand. This is an intense culinary experience for all gourmets with a “hmmmm-effect” and highly to be recommended.

Who does not only value good cuisine, but also excellent service with good advice should definitely visit the restaurant Alt Mösern!


Rezept Mountain salmon


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Photos: Restaurant Alt Mösern/ Kovác Péter/ Heidi Jehle