The Fascination of Rock Climbing

13. July 2017

Adrenaline, endurance and achievement – climbing keeps both the mind and body in shape and is currently undergoing a boom like never before. Climbing is not just a sport for the adventurous or experienced – those who are motivated and interested will find their own place on the climbing wall. The extensive and ever-increasing scope of climbing areas means that there are suitable locations for every level of ability and difficulty.


The combination of physical co-ordination and mental achievement attracts all ages to the sport. The necessary equipment is uncomplicated and, given committed training, improvements in ability are not long in coming. For years the Olympiaregion Seefeld has been known as an insider tip amongst climbers. Now starring in international climbing films, the Chinesische Mauer (Great Wall of China) together with the Mauerbogen and the newly-prepared family climbing area Flämenwandl offer a perfect location for climbers of all levels of ability.

The Chinesische Mauer

The Mauer, as it is known by local climbers, is highly-regarded in the climbing scene and offers 176 routes into the upper 8th level of difficulty (German ratings). Standing at the bottom of the wall for the first time and inspecting the available options will make any climber’s heart beat a little bit faster. Narrow ledges, erosion holes and extreme technical stages through to tough overhangs. Nothing is simple to master at the Chinesische Mauer. That makes a successful ascent even more satisfying after all the perseverance and perspiration. Most of the impressive routes are graded as ‘very worthwhile’.

Approach: There is a car park at Puitbach in the Leutasch valley, from there it is a 20 – 30-minute walk to the Chinesische Mauer.

Der Mauerbogen

“Small but beautiful” – that would be a short and apt description for the Mauerbogen. With around 30 routes it is the little brother of the Chinesische Mauer, but not any less attractive. The range of difficulty runs from 3 through to grade 7 and there are therefore options for less experienced climbers while still offering old hands the opportunity to grit their teeth on some tougher stuff.

Approach: There is a car park opposite the Erlebniswelt Alpenbad in Leutasch. Follow the trail through the fields to the sign and then after 15 minutes arrive at the rock face and get going.

Climbing on the „Flämenwandl“

Finished only a couple of weeks ago and newly-opened, the Flämenwandl is the youngest member of the climbing areas in the Olympiaregion Seefeld. The Flämenwandl is rightly described as a family climbing area because the routes range from very easy through to a medium grade. The stream is right next to the area and the approach is short and simple.

Even at the opening, the popularity of and enthusiasm about the area was impressive – plenty of children tried climbing for the first time and had a lot of fun. The climbing area offers 18 routes through to the upper 6th grade of difficulty. Smaller ones can find routes at the 3rd and 4th grade so it is a perfect choice for a family excursion at the weekend. You will still meet experienced climbers there who find promising and challenging routes at the 5th and 6th grade.

Approach: Use the same car park as with the Chinesische Mauer at Puitbach in Leutasch – the climbs can be reached in five minutes from here.

The Olympiaregion Seefeld offers a really varied spectrum of climbing area. Enthusiastic climbers will find what they are looking for here and be rewarded with unique routes in breathtaking scenery.

The local climbing group Mauerfix is responsible for the introduction of new areas and the cleaning up of already-existing areas.


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Fotos: Stephanie Kratzer, Mauerfix – Patrick Trois

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