The majestic mountain world from above – Paragliding

20. July 2017

Paragliding is one of the best ways to discover the mountain world from above. Once your feet leave the steady ground you are already flying towards an incredible adventure. The unique view on the mighty mountain formations amid a dreamlike natural scenery is worth a flight into the air.

Freedom in the airy heights

The sun is shining and small fleecy clouds are slowly passing by. From the mountain Härmelekopf in Seefeld you can enjoy a striking view on Tyrol’s mountain world. On a tandem flight with Christian from Parashuttle I dare to fly to dizzying heights to experience this fantastic view on the region a little differently. My gaze wanders from one mountain to another. It is a beautiful day, if not the perfect day for my first flight.

Christian has been flying with his paraglider for 20 years now and he combined both his hobby and job. He tells me a lot about winds, dynamics and their importance for flying. At this time I am not nervous at all, rather full of excited anticipation of the flight. Christian spreads out the paraglider in no time. Fully equipped with a helmet, strapped to Christian like a baby kangaroo and with week knees after all, we have to wait – for the right wind.

3, 2, 1, go! That is the countdown for me to start running and push my weight to the front together with Christian to bring the big paraglider into the air in a forward launch. In less than three steps we are being pulled into the air with a soft draw backwards. An incredible feeling when you lose ground underneath your feet and glide towards the sky.

Who thinks we would only glide down leisurely today is wrong. Christian uses the thermal updrafts to gain height so we can enjoy the view even longer. Thanks to these updrafts you can glide through the air for hours and travel long distances.

Paragliding at the plateau

From bird’s perspective, the mountains look mightier and even more impressive than from the ground. The formations of the mountain ranges are imposing and gentle at the same time and seem to reach into infinity. Looking over the mountains you can see the Olympiaregion with its five resorts: Seefeld, Leutasch, Mösern-buchen, Reith and Scharnitz as a magnificent spot in the nature that entrances with its scenic charm. The plateau on 1.200 m is truly a special place on earth.

The best always comes at last. Asking if I am up for some paragliding acrobatics, we are already starting into our first wingover. By flying several turns in a row, the pendulum swings higher and higher and therefore allows you to perform high wingovers with more than 90 degrees over the traverse axis. If I like it? I am sure everyone in Seefeld clearly heard that. With me shouting with glee and screaming in joy, Christian excellently performs the manoeuvres.

We are slowly starting to descent. With both feet back on the ground and filled with pure adrenaline, I cannot stop smiling. All those who are not afraid of heights and want to see the beauty of the mountains from above will experience a real feeling of elation on a tandem flight with a paraglider.

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