Gut Leutasch: Pure enjoyment

31. August 2017

Where culinary delight and quality reach a whole new dimension: Gut Leutasch. The butchery refines local game and meat to heavenly delicious specialties. Regional, hand-picked and sustainable: A difference you can taste. Small wonder that the delicacies travel around the whole world. We visited the Gut Leutasch and were enchanted by the culinary delights.

In the heart of Gut Leutasch: The production

The visit starts right in the “heart” of Gut Leutasch: The butchery. This is where the specialties from chamois, deer, beef and co. are freshly produced. The manager Michael Skamrada and I enter the “holy halls” of the Gut Leutasch, dressed in sterile protective clothing. Here, I can see the butcher’s work in action. “This is the game of the past weekend”, the four of them explain. They just finished producing salami and liverwurst. The products could hardly be any fresher. Michael patiently explains all the steps of the production to me. I glance into the meat aging room, the cold chamber and the smoking chamber: Specialties such as truffle salami, chamois sausages, smoked bacon, and venison ham can be found here. Hmmm – all this looks absolutely mouth-watering!

Quality made in the Tyrolean mountains

Gut Leutasch has got highest standards of quality. Each and every animal comes from nearby, often within 20 km. Where exactly the chamois, the deer or the roe deer has lived can be tracked down later: Everything is registered precisely. All pigs and cows that come to Gut Leutasch are slaughtered right there and completely stress-free. This makes a difference you can truly taste and see: Stress hormones negatively affect the quality of the meat. All animals are processed at Gut Leutasch. The whole production can take more than four months from the beginning to the end – quality simply needs time!

Pure aroma and taste: The spice chamber

After the tour through the butchery we enter the spice chamber. All the different spices are tickling in my nose. Once more, Gut Leutasch proves that it is an extraordinary company: Only the purest and most natural herbs and spices are used. You will not find any industrial spice blends here – last but not least, yet another difference that makes the taste!

The shop

You can also find a shop at Gut Leutasch. Once you enter the shop, you are whisked away into another world: It is cosy yet modern and it smells delicious. Everything you can find here is home-made. Customers are really “spoiled for choice”: Seasoned salt, home-made mustards and sauces, liqueurs, the game specialties, fresh meat, and so much more is awaiting all gourmets. After the guided tour I may now enjoy the products: I am in seventh gourmet heaven! Never before have I tasted such delicious bacon and game. The local meat, the exquisite ingredients, absolutely no flavour enhancers – all this makes a difference you can truly taste!

From the Olympiaregion Seefeld into the whole world

What do game specialties from Leutasch and a cruise ship in Hamburg have in common? Not much –  at first glance. But there is a connection: The Gut Leutasch. The delightful delicacies are served on the open seas.  The German shipping fleet “Mein Schiff” holds the quality of Gut Leutasch in high regard. The game from the Tyrolean mountains conquers the whole world.

Gut Leutasch is going to launch an online shop soon so that bon vivants from everywhere can purchase and enjoy the products.For all readers of our blog, Gut Leutasch exclusively offers a voucher with which you receive a glass of delicious seasoned salt as a present. Pure enjoyment!

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