Karwendel March – The legend is alive!

25. August 2017

The Karwendel March is the legendary event in the calendar of all hikers and mountain runners. Each year, not less than 2,500 participants are invited to hike through the whole Karwendel mountain range from Scharnitz to lake Achensee. Tickets are sold out in no time and from then on, the countdown begins. The Karwendel March is truly unique – for many reasons!


Time to get goosebumps: A unique atmosphere

There is one thing the Karwendel March is especially good at: Creating big feelings! From the beginning to the end, you will go all goose-gimply! The start is a once-in-a-lifetime experience: Early in the morning, when the first rays of sunshine are lighting up the mountains, everyone is getting ready for the March. The excitement leaves no room for tiredness. Everyone counts down the time until the start and finally: It is time to march! All hikers, runners and nordic walkers leave the small town of Scharnitz and dive into the Karwendel – an unforgettable day is awaiting them.

Stunning, diverse impressions

On not less than 52km or 35km, the route leads through the whole Karwendel mountain range. Starting in Scharnitz, it leads up to cabin Karwendelhaus, cabin Falkenhütte, into the Eng and over cabin Gramaialm all the way to lake Achensee. It is a diverse and simply impressive route. Steep rock faces, soft meadows, bizarre summits and eccentric cabins are only some of the things you will come along. From dusk till late afternoon – an incredible atmosphere on the mountain distracts from tired feet!

The good spirit of the event: The volunteers

Only their helping hands and their commitment makes the Karwendel March the legend it is: The volunteers. Helmut Seebacher from the Tourismusverband Seefeld has been helping at the Karwendel March since the very first day. He makes sure that everything runs smoothly at cabin Falkenhütte and that the mountain is left as clean and litter-free as it was. Helmut loves the Karwendel March: “It simply is a beautiful event”, he says. He is especially looking forward to the camaraderie on the mountain where everyone works together and cooperates. After the event he told us, it will be very funny, all volunteers and helpers sit together and think back over the great day. He knows that many participants come back year after year: “You can see many familiar faces!”. People like him make the Karwendel March a true legend!

How to pack your rucksack: What you really need for the Karwendel March

Without doubt: The Karwendel March is perfectly organised. Refreshment stations provide food and beverages, first aid stations help in emergency cases. Nonetheless, the rucksack should be packed smartly for such a long distance hike. We have prepared a short list of the ten most important things you should take with you:

  1. Blister dressings: 52km is a long distance – better bring some blister dressings to spare yourself from very painful blisters! A first aid kit is good to have, too.
  2. Mobile phone: A mobile phone is part of the standart equipment today. You can call for help, take pictures and videos, and make your friends down in the valley jealous ???? If your batterie tends to die easily, better bring a powerbank.
  3. Emergency App by Tyrolean Mountain rescue: This app was developed for alpine emergencies in the Tyrolean mountains. It is free of cost and easy to use.
  4. A camera: You can either use your mobile only or also take pictures with your camera – like this, you will never forget the incredible Karwendel March experience!
  5. Muesli bars, cookies, bananas, etc.: Bring what you like! Even though the numerous refreshment stations provide small snacks, bring some treats, too. A low blood sugar level can become dangerous on the mountain.
  6. Water/ beverages: Being thirsty is no fun – take a bottle with your favourite refreshment!
  7. Rain jacket: The weather forecast let us hope for perfect “Karwendel March weather” this year! Still, rain clouds or even thunderstorms build up fast – always bring rainwear. It also keeps you warm during breaks and protects you from cold wind.
  8. Spare clothes and a warm layer: No one likes sitting in the wind with wet clothes. Spare clothes and a warmer layer protect you from getting chilled.
  9. Sunscreen and protection: This includes sun cream, proper glasses and head wear. No one wants to have a sunburn, a sunstroke or even sunburned eyes!
  10. Hiking poles: If you like to hike with poles, bring them! Poles give great support especially when walking down the hill.


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Fotos: Sportalpen/ Tessa Mellinger

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