Mountain tour – The 5 most beautiful summit tours

11. August 2017

Welcome to the big show of the mountains: The views from the peaks! They are priceless and the most precious reward the mountains can give us. We climb mountains to see the world from above. While the valley is dozing underneath us, silence reigns up here – time to simply enjoy the moment! Breathtaking and spectacular!


1. Seefelder Spitze: A mountain tour for young and old alike

Seefelder Spitze Summit (2.221m/ 7286ft) is an easy and little challenging summit tour. The Rosshütte cableways take you to the top so hikers of all ages can enjoy a wonderful summit tour. This place is a must-see for all nature lovers: You can overlook all four corners of the earth from here. Having reached the top with cablecar Seefelder Joch, you can hike along the ridge to summit Seefelder Spitze. From there, you can climb down to Härmelekopf or hike to summit Reither Spitze – but the terrain is more challenging here. For all those who love the mountains and appreciate far-sightedness, this is the perfect tour. Climb the mountains to look over them and feel their magic!

2. Gehrenspitze: Infinite panoramic views

Gehrenspitze Summit (2.367m/ 7765ft) is a very rewarding tour. It enchants all hikers from the beginning to the end with a special nature experience. With every meter up, the views become more fascinating. Even marmots, chamois and eagles can be spotted sometimes. The best reward awaits you at the summit: The incomparable panoramic views! The wind silently sums around your ears while the noises of the civilization seem to be far way. A mountain jackdaw draws its circles around the cross on the summit: “Will you share your snack with me?”, it seems to ask. A moment of pure silence and peace: By now, the Gehrenspitze has bewitched everyone with its unique charm!

3. Birkkarspitze: The queen of the Karwendel

Birkkarspitze Summit (2.749m/ 9019ft) is the “Queen of the Karwendel”: It is the highest peak of the mountain range and therefore shouldn’t be missing here! This mountain tour is challenging and demands sure-footedness and a head for heights. You can perfectly combine it as a “bike and hike”-tour: The gravel road at the beginning of the hike is best done with the mountain bike. This way, you are not only faster but go easy on your muscles and feet!

The next part of the tour is breathtakingly beautiful but also demanding: The trail winds its way up the mountain, some passages must be climbed (these passages are secured with steel cables) until you finally reach the summit. There, you witness a big show of one of a kind: The “Karwendel Cinema”. The whole Karwendel mountain range and the Olympiaregion Seefeld are at your feet! This indescribable view lets you forget the exhausting ascend immediately. You could stay forever at this stunning place. But the hungry stomach tempts you to climb down for a rewarding break at the mountain cabin. A Kaiserschmarren, a Tyrolean specialty, has never tasted any better! By the way: You can spend a night at cabin Karwendelhaus and split this mountain tour up into two days to make it less challenging.


4. Hohe Munde: The Grande Dame of the mountains

It is the “Grande Dame” of the mountains: Hohe Munde Summit (2.662m/ 8733ft). With its two summits, it rewards all hikers not once, but twice. Both offer a marvellous view on the Inntal valley, Gaistal valley, the whole region and many faraway peaks. Already on the climb up you can enjoy these views, for example on mountain Zugspitze, Germany’s highest summit. Whether you “only” hike to the east summit or all the way to the west summit: This mountain tour is definitely worth it! You can either cross the Hohe Munde or climb it from cabin Rauthhütte – both variations are spectacular! Hikers should be sure-footed and fit.

5. Reither Spitze: The highest of feelings

Reither Spitze Summit (2.374m/ 7788ft) is the “cure” for mountain addiction. The impressive Karwendel mountain range, the green and blue Inntal valley and the idyllic Olympiaregion Seefeld are at its feet. When the weather allows it, you can look as far as to Germany and Italy. A special mountain moment that will linger in your memory forever. The feeling of happiness after an exhausting climb will stay, even down in the valley. If you still did not get enough “mountain dose” and want to discover the mountain world even more, you can hike down to cabin Nördlinger Hütte and dive deeper into the alluring Karwendel.


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Fotos: TVB Olympiaregion Seefeld/ Lisa Krenkel/ Martin Ritzer/ Heinz Holzknecht

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