10 reasons why we love autumn

5. October 2017

It is this time of the year again: Autumn has arrived in the Olympiaregion Seefeld. It is time to say “farewell” to summer and to get ready for the new, colourful season. Autumn has many beautiful sides an there are many reasons why we simply love autumn!

  1. Autumn comes in many vibrant colours

They are probably the most beautiful present of autumn: The bright colours! Red, orange, yellow, and green are the colours of the leaves and trees. A special beauty are also the larch woods when they ablaze with colour – a feast for the eyes! “The golden autumn” – this name is really well deserved. It is time to go outside: Watch the leaves slowly fall off the trees and listen to their crunching underfoot. Enjoy the new season with all your senses!

Our inside tip: The Ahornboden is a always beautiful place, but by far the best time to go there is autumn. The maple trees are a stunning view when they are lit up in all different colours!

  1. A season for sports: Hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing 

Summer may be over – but that doesn’t mean hiking season is already over, too! Autumn is a great season for hiking. Not only because of the colourful views, but also because of the weather: While there is a high risk of thunderstorms in summer, the weather is more stable in autumn. Often, there is a phenomenon called temperature inversion: This means it is warmer on the mountain than down in the valley. Climbing mountains is the best thing to do on such days! There is also no need to put your mountain bike or E-bike away yet. And climbers love autumn as well: The south-faced and sunny walls allow you to climb until late in the season!

  1. Autumn weather: We love it!

The weather in autumn holds many surprises: It does not only bring temperature inversions – from bright sunshine and “bluebird” days to mystic and moody fog and snow, you have it all. That is diversity at its best! Autumn is many things – but “boring” is not one of them. And do you remember that feeling when the air gets crispy and cool again? It is a wonderfully refreshing feeling that makes our cheeks aglow in pretty pink. And last but not least, the crisp and clear air also brings great views from the sunny plateau.

  1. The first snow!

It is time to celebrate: Autumn brings the first snow of the season and a glimpse of winter. Every year anew, it is a special moment when the peaks are dressed in their pretty white dresses for the first time. Here in the Olympiaregion Seefeld we were lucky to get the first snow in September already – and the next snow comes for sure! We are already looking forward to building the first snowman!

  1. Get your skis and toboggans ready

With the first snow, all winter sports enthusiasts are filled with pure excitement: The glimpse of snow makes us get nervous. Though we do not pack away our hiking shoes yet, we are starting to prepare our skis and toboggans already. We are awaiting in the wings when the cross-country courses and slopes are ready to open!

  1. Mother nature holds many presents

In autumn, mother nature brings us many delicious presents. It is finally time to go into the woods and pick some delicacies: Mushrooms are the first yummy treats, followed by mountain cranberries and walnuts. It is also the season of pumpkin spice and apple juice – Hmmm! Autumn simply tastes delicious!

  1. Autumn is the season for handicrafts

Your findings of the woods are not only delicious, they are also perfect to get creative: You can make little figures or boats of the chestnuts. Or how about carving a pumpkin and giving him a funny or frightening face? There are no limits to your creativity! You can also decorate your house with pretty wreaths made of leaves and corn. Plus, autumn is the perfect season to fly a kite – and it is even more fun with a self made kite! Oh, and not to forget that St. Martin’s day is coming soon, a joyful tradition where young children go around the streets with self made paper lanterns to celebrate Saint Martin.

  1. The perfect season for a day in the spa

When the temperatures are dropping outside it is time to go for a hot sauna! This is not only fuel for the soul, it also has amazing effects on the body: Taking a sauna strengthens the immune system and is therefore the perfect preparation for winter. Regular visits to the sauna lower the risk for getting the flu or colds. Getting a sweat in the sauna in autumn is the best way to stay happy and healthy!

  1. Time for romantic walks through the crunching leaves

The trees are slowly letting go of their radiant gold leaves, which grants us with wonderfully romantic walks though the rustling and crunching leaves. Let the autumnal sun warm your skin and enjoy a healthy dose of Vitamin D. The kids are probably happiest about all the piles of ranking leaves and joyfully jump from one pile to another

  1. Time to cuddle and cosy up

Lying in front of the hot oven, drinking tea, listening to the crackling fire, cuddling with your favourite person and enjoying a hot soup: This is what autumn feels like! It is raining outside? Great! This gives us time to get comfy on the couch with a good book in our hands. We can also finally wear our favourite cosy sweaters and flannel shirts again. Dear autumn, we are happy that you are here!


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