10 Ways To Make Your Next Ski Holiday Unforgettable

27. November 2017

Who isn’t familiar with the feeling of looking forward to your ski holiday like a child before Christmas? But then you have to deal with the most important question of all: what am I going to take with me? And, especially, how cold will it be? Is it going to snow during my stay? What do I still have to get before I go? And very quickly the question changes from “What do I take with me?” to “How big is my car again?” or “How many bags am I allowed to take on the train or bus?”

Use our 10 tips for your next ski holiday and you will find that most of the questions will be cleared up before you travel and that nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable stay.

Oh, and don’t forget: the first ski area in the Olympiaregion Seefeld opens on 02.12.2017.

1.) Good planning is half the battle

What the headline says: consider what you are expecting from this coming break before you are standing in the resort centre. Apart from finding a perfect holiday package with hotel, a little time and energy invested in planning in peace and quiet can produce information about what you can do in the area when you aren’t skiing, which restaurants you want to sample and what sights you want to see. Inspiration and tips can be found in the tourist offices in the region – just pick up the phone or send an email.

2.) Accommodation that suits me

Do I want to relax and enjoy the time after skiing? Do I want to lay back for a few hours in a wellness area rather than spending every moment on the slopes? Or do I just need my hotel room for a quick shower – sleep is over-rated?

These basic questions should be asked before you travel. Once you have come to a decision with your wife, your children or your party animal friends, then you can certainly find the right accommodation.

3.) Get fit for the winter

You’re really looking forward to getting back onto skis for the first time in ages, but there’s that nagging fear in the back of your mind? You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? That’s right, the aching muscles. That feeling after a day in fresh powder where it looks like you have something strange in your ski pants when you try to walk. We would definitely recommend a few easy exercises in preparation at home. You can easily find some here on our blog.

4.) Check you equipment

You’ve arrived, you’re ready, but what’s this? Your skis are a kind of rusty colour and the ski boots look like they haven’t been touched since the Wall came down. You know, it’s time to invest some money in safe high-quality ski equipment. There are plenty of ski hire shops ready to help make your holiday an unforgettable one by advising about the latest developments in ski equipment. It’s not only a matter of the right equipment but also the right technical set-up to help your experience and physical skills make the most of your time on the ski slopes.

5.) A crash course on skis

The days of doing tricks on skis are way back in your past and the way you used to glide over the slopes has turned into worrying about your creaky knees? Never mind, ask the professionals for advice. Ski instructors offer group or individual tuition and will get you back skiing in the right manner quicker than you can say „ Heidelbeerkaiserschmarren“.

Of course, skiing is much more than just flying down the runs and you can improve your technical skills and know-how as well as work on your style in the Olympiaregion Seefeld. And, if you have done really well, the ski instructor will fish a “Gummibärchen” sweet out of his pocket for you. Just like in those long-forgotten days.

6.) Safety first

Even when you feel as confident on skis as James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and have a mental image of you carving down the slopes behind your Ray Bans with hair waving in the breeze, you should be clear about one thing – safety is always the top priority.

For this reason, a ski helmet is an absolute must, even if your hair-do suffers underneath it. Better to wear that helmet on the slopes than end up with cuts and a broken nose in the hospital.

7.) Look further than the length of you skis

You’ve come to ski, but do you really want to spend every single minute on skis? If that’s the case, then all well and good but, if not, then the Olympiaregion Seefeld offers plenty of other sporting and relaxing ways to spend your time.

Try some time in a panorama sauna, a relaxing day swimming or a trip to the pictures. Or maybe cross-country skiing, biathlon or ice skating at the foot of the Seefeld Seekirchl. Or how about an enjoyable tobogganing trip including a stay in a traditional hut? Our tip: pack your headlamp and go night tobogganing. After a mulled wine in a warm hut the descent by the light of the headlamp seems even faster. If you like your time out to be a little cosier, then of course you can go for a horse ride or – our special tip – a walk with the adorable alpacas.

8.) A tour of the mountain specalities

Of course, we all love bacon dumpling soup, Wiener Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarren and the schnaps digestif afterwards. Best to head off to our favourite hut hosts Franz or Sepp every day. But really, why not try a tour?

If you haven’t already had enough Kaiserschmarren to last a lifetime, then why not pick a hut every day and do a taste test of all the different ones? And, if you want to spend your holiday being a little bit more “Tyrolean”, then don’t run those tests with Kaiserschmarren (although we all love it) but with cheese dumpling soup. We love this maybe even a little bit more and you can take this as a baby step into the real “Tyrolean” way of life. By the end of your ski holiday you’ll have found your own culinary highlight, even if you can’t look at another Kaiserschmarren or cheese dumpling soup until the next winter break.

Our tip: as well as Franz and Sepp there is a wide range of culinary delights in the Olympiaregion Seefeld.

9.) Enjoy time without the car

Leave your car parked up. It’s a luxury these days. Walk from the hotel to the ski hire shop, from there to the ski lifts, to the restaurant, to the après ski bar and from there, well, wherever. That’s not an ideal, it’s the way things are in the Olympiaregion Seefeld. You don’t need a car to get here or one when you have arrived and that means you don’t have the stress of continually looking for somewhere to park. You can get to your hotel by rail, bus or plane without stress and worries. Once you are here there is an extensive network of buses for a relaxing stay.

10.) Checklist


You remember this happening the last time? Getting to the ski resort and then realising your forgot the woolly cap or the gloves at home?

Forget that. Our holiday checklist will ensure you leave home with a perfectly-packed suitcase.                   

You are ready for 02.12. and the start of the ski season. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Fotos: Heinz Holzknecht, Andre Schönherr, Heinz Zak, Toni Hiltpolt, Robert Maybach, Olympiaregion Seefeld, Fotolia

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