Winter Kick Off with Tobias Angerer

22. November 2017

The Audi quattro Nordic Opening 2017 took place in the Olympiaregion Seefeld last weekend (November 17-19). Twenty-two promising young athletes arrived in Seefeld from all over Germany to train together, improve their cross-country technique and to see their idols at close hand. I visited the young athletes during their training.

Winter Kicks Off with Tobias Angerer:
Youth Training Sessions in the Olympiaregion Seefeld

The young talents spent three days training and learning in Seefeld, where a challenging and varied programme awaited them. Of course, there were plenty of training sessions on cross-country skis, including five technique drills using the future World Championship tracks.

In addition to the training there was also a great side programme: for example, a lecture about climate change from snow researcher Kay Helfricht, a ski wax course and some motivational coaching. The youngsters learned how snow is formed, how snow farming works and how to prepare skis in the best way in different snow conditions.

The athletes also brought their homework with them so that their normal schoolwork didn’t suffer. The breaks were filled with feverish completion of school exercises before heading out onto the trails again. An impressive work ethic!

Star Coaching from Tobias Angerer

At the end of the three days, I asked several kids what had been the biggest highlight for them. And the answer was almost always the same: the coaching session with Tobias Angerer! The winner of a number of Olympic medals took plenty of time out to spend with the youngsters. They spent an evening together and had, for the first time, the chance to get to know their idol at close hand. Two training sessions together gave them valuable tips. These experiences gave the young athletes plenty of motivation for their future – a truly defining moment in their lives!

The Trainers

Learning from the professionals: the trainers from the Adidas XCS Team are all successful active or former racers. Urban Lentsch won the Kaiser Maximilian Lauf last year and Max Olex was victorious in the Ganghoferlauf Leutasch, to give just two examples. Both are looking forward to taking part in the Nordic Ski World Championships 2019 in Seefeld. It is the start of the racing season for them as well and everything is devoted to optimal preparation for the season. A training camp like this is naturally a lot of work, but one that they can put their heart and soul into. “Training with the children is really rewarding for us,” says Max. The children have lots of motivation and enjoyment in their sport. “This power can help us as well in the upcoming races.” The trainers find it an honour to pass on what they once learned. Sports scientist Andi says, “If somebody hadn’t done the same with us, we wouldn’t be where we are today.” Experience that is passed on to the next generation – and, who knows, maybe one of them will be standing where they are in years to come!

What Remains: Lots of Motivation, Plenty of Experiences

At the end, the young athletes return home with a backpack full of experiences, knowledge, tips and fun. The three days were a great success for everyone! Trainer Urban confirms this: “The improvements between Friday and Sunday were impressive. The youngsters had so much fun and motivation taking part – that’s what we wanted them to experience!” That’s what the young athletes also told me at the end.: they were full of motivation and learned that enjoyment is the main priority when it comes to sport. Without that enjoyment you will never make it to the top. We look forward to welcoming them back to the trails of the Olympiaregion Seefeld in the future!

Photos: Tessa Mellinger, Audi Quattro Nordic Opening

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