Christmas Recipe: Apple Fritters Recipe “Astoria Version 2.0”

17. December 2017

The Christmas period is a time for enjoyment. A time when you can spoil your taste buds and your soul. The Astoria Resort in Seefeld has created a very special treat for this winter: Apple Fritters “Astoria Version 2.0”.

Apple fritters are quite simply a part of the winter – this recipe is nonetheless a little bit different! Exciting, fascinating and, above all, an explosion of taste – yet very simple to prepare! If you want to produce a dessert to impress family and friends, well, here it is!

Andreas and Adrian from the kitchen of the 5*****s-Resort came up with this recipe specially for us and they have really stretched their creative abilities! The apple fritters consist of no less than seven different components. A surprising mix of fresh fruit, smooth sweetness and sugary cinnamon is what results. Sounds complicated? Not at all! Each of the seven parts of the whole recipe are easily recreated by less experienced cooks. The ingredients can be found in any normal supermarket when they aren’t already sitting in your kitchen cupboard.

All good things come in… sevens!

More than a simple baked apple: this dessert is much more! ???? It consists of the apple fritters themselves, a tasty green apple sorbet, a cinnamon creme, an apricot and marzipan creme, granola, vanilla sand and apple chips. Wow! That list sounds long at first – but it is precisely these components that create the explosion of taste! Andreas and Adrian told me how to prepare and display all the delicacies – and then it was time to try my hand…

The taste test

After we had conjured up the dessert, the question was posed: “Would you like to try a bit?” – “Of course, I would!” I answered straight away. I couldn’t wait to see how everything tasted. At the first spoonful I was transported into gourmet heaven – mmmmmm! An indescribable mix of tastes that you simply must try for yourself to understand what I am trying to write about! Andreas, the Astoria’s Digital Marketing Manager, summed it up perfectly: tasting this dessert is like “playing games on a plate”.

You move from one ingredient to another, working out which works best with the other. It’s a real experience! Andreas from the kitchen side described it in more technical terms: the different structure of the crispy granola, the frozen sorbets and the soft cremes create the perfect experience.


For 4 people

Green apple sorbet

The green apple sorbet takes care of the fruity sour kick on the plate. Water, sugar and glucose are heated together and then combined with the other ingredients. The sorbet can simply be frozen in an ice-cream machine – and your sorbet magic is done!

Cinnamon creme

Cinnamon is simply the winter ingredient. The creme is prepared like a pudding. Milk, cinnamon and sugar are heated together, the egg yolk is added and then stirred in with a small amount of milk. Corn starch is stirred into the milk mixture to thicken it. That’s all you need to do!

Apricot-marzipan creme

Preparing this creme is surprisingly simple. Take the apricots and purée them (with a hand blender, for example). Add the marzipan, mix it all up – and tadaaa!


We are all familiar with granola from muesli. It tastes wonderful with apple fritters! All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together and put them on a baking tray. Bake for around 12 to 15 minutes at 175°C in a fan oven. Don’t worry about the granola clumping together – it’s easily separated afterwards.

Vanilla sand

Vanilla sand is a perfect partner to the granola. You just need four ingredients: butter, cane sugar, flour and vanilla pods. Mix them all together and then bake at 180°C before leaving to dry for three hours. Your vanilla pleasure is done!

Apple chips

A highlight for both eyes and taste buds: the apple chips. Simply cut the apple into very thin slices. A kitchen tip from Andreas and Adrian: a bread-slicing machine makes the thinnest chips! ???? Heat the sugar and water so that it turns into a syrup. Dip the apple slices into this syrup and then lay them on a baking tray. Dry them in the oven at 60°C for two to three hours.

Apple fritters

The centrepiece of our dessert – the apple fritters. First prepare the batter that they will be fried in. Mix the egg yolk with the sugar. Mix the oil and white wine and then add the flour and the salt. Beat the egg whites until they are stiff. The combine the egg yolk-sugar mixture with the oil-white wine-flour mixture so that a batter is formed. Carefully blend the beaten egg whites into the batter. Peel and slice the apples and remove the core. Dip the slices into the batter and fry them in oil at 185°C until they are a golden-brown colour. And there you have it – your apple fritters are ready!

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Recipe Apple Fritters Astoria Version 2.0

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