10 reasons to love Christmas

21. December 2017

Christmas Eve is just around the corner! Only two more nights are left and we are in the middle of the preparations. Christmas is the holiday of love, of the family and a time to come home and find inner peace. And there are many things you can only do at that time of the year – which is why we love Christmas!


1. Time to come home: Friends & Family are waiting

“I’m driving home for Christmas. Oh, I can’t wait to see those faces. I’m driving home for Christmas” – we all know this Christmas song by Chris Rea by heart, don’t we? It describes this feeling and the anticipation of coming home to your beloved friends and family perfectly. At Christmas, (almost) everyone comes home. A visit to the Christmas Market or a family dinner is the perfect occasion to spend time together and chat about the past year.

2. The sweet anticipation

Anticipation is half the fun – this saying is definitely true when it comes to Christmas. We count down no less than 24 days and with every window in the advent calendar, we get more and more excited. This time of the year reminds us of our childhood. Do you remember that feeling of waking up on the morning of Christmas Eve when you knew: Santa Claus is coming today! Wouldn’t we all want to be a child on Christmas again? ????

3. Mouth-watering delicacies on Yuletide

Christmas time is a veeery delicious time! It offers many treats you can only eat at that time of the year. What is your favourite Christmas sweet? Roasted almonds, the countless Christmas cookies, chocolate Santa Clauses,…? And that’s only the beginning. At Yuletide, the whole house smells just delicious. Oh, and the calories? Well, we’ll think about that in January! ????


4. Christmas movies

Winter is the perfect time to cuddle and snuggle in front of the warm oven and watch a movie. Around Christmas, you can simply watch the best Christmas movies on TV! Romantics love movies like “Love… actually”, comedy lovers watch “The Grinch”, and there are amazing classic movies like “Three wishes for Cinderella” or “A Christmas Carol” – and this is just the beginning of a very long list! One reason why we love these films is that they only really make sense around Christmas.

5. Hoping for a white Christmas

Snow is fallin’, All around me, Children playin’, Having fun … Let it snow, please! With the snow slowly falling and sparkling outside, Christmas Eve becomes just perfect. When the world is covered under a white blanket, we can make fun snowball fights with the whole family, go tobogganing and build pretty snowmen…!

6. „O Come All Ye Faithful“: Christmas Carols

They are part of Christmas just like the Christmas tree and Christmas cookies: Christmas carols! The radios start playing the songs with the beginning of November already – even if we are all sick of songs like “Last Christmas”! On Christmas Eve, it is time to play beautiful traditional songs such as “O Holy Night” or “Silent Night”.

7. Make your loved ones happy

When it comes to Christmas, there seem to be two types of people: Those who have finished all their Christmas shopping by the beginning of November and those who get the presents on the very last minute. Sometimes, finding the perfect gifts can become very stressful. But if you have done so, your loved one’s eyes will light up in joy under the Christmas tree. And it is more about the giving itself than about the present, right?

8. Let us go to the church: Christmas Mass

Even those who may not regularly go to church love the Christmas Mass where you can find silence and peace after an often stressful Yuletide. It is also a great occasion that brings the whole village together so you can wish everyone a very merry Christmas.

9. Christmas is the time of the traditions

There is no other time of the year in Tyrol where we celebrate so many traditions than on Christmas. In December, there is the tradition of Krampus running (the Krampus is the hairy companion of Nicholas) and another tradition called “Anklöpfeln” (groups dressed as shepherds go from house to house to expel evil spirits). There are many traditions around Christmas cribs and incense smoking. We also have the Christmas Markets, and the Advent Calendar is also an important tradition. And finally, the three Wise Men wander from house to house in the new year. Christmas time is full of traditions that bring the people closer together!


10. Christmas Decorations

On Christmas, you can decorate the whole house to feel the Christmas cheer. Whether you like it simple or splendid: Shiny chains of lights, candles, angels, and all kinds of other decorations create a warm and merry atmosphere. Shortly before Christmas Eve, it is time to decorate the Christmas tree. Get creative and bring the spirit of Christmas to your house.

We are wishing our readers and guests a Merry Christmas!

Fotos: Tessa Mellinger, Stefan Elsler, Heinz Holzknecht

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