New Year’s Resolutions For 2018: Things You Really Must Do In 2018

28. December 2017

It’s the same every year: you choose your personal resolutions to do better in the coming year on New Year’s Eve. But somehow it never seems to work – until now! With these ideas you can at last get going with all those good intentions. Our 12 ideas are a little bit different and with them you can turn 2018 into an unforgettable, exciting and challenging year!

  1. Plunge into an icy mountain lake

Not necessarily on the list for those who like their showers long and hot! But have you ever looked at a turquoise mountain lake from a distance and wondered what the water would feel like? A jump into the cool waters requires a certain bravado as they are, quite frankly, pretty cold: around 10-12°C. A perfect way for the more courageous walkers to cool down on a hot summer’s day! If you can’t bring yourself to go that far, then you can always dangle your toes in the water – your tired legs will feel like they have been born anew. ????

  1. Run barefoot over a mountain meadow

Have you ever run barefoot over the lush green grass of a mountain meadow? The feeling is heavenly! The grass feels soft on your soles, the blades tickle your toes and the gentle ground gives smoothly under your footsteps. Pure relaxation which will make you think of childhood days. Just be careful that you don’t step in a cowpat!

  1. Switch right off: Get to a place where you have no reception

Honestly, how many hours in a day do you spend on your smartphone and the internet? If it isn’t too many, feel free to skip to the next point. 😉 But many of us appear to be controlled by our smartphones. It’s good to switch off and be unavailable from time to time. Putting the phone into flight mode while you enjoy a hike or a wellness session is also very good way to relax! 😉 Spend a day next year without the smartphone!

  1. Learn Tyrolean

Do you speak Tyrolean? No? Well then, it’s time to learn! Of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to become fluent in the charming Tyrolean dialect – but a few words and phrases are good for every visitor to know. “Griaß di!” is something you will hear in the mountains – a greeting from walker to walker. You should know the words “aui, oi, ummi, entn” (up there, down there, over there and, er, over there!) if you want to ask a Tyrolean the way. And, if you are already familiar with those phrases then that’s “bärig”! (Which means “great”!)

  1. Spend a night up in the mountains

Who needs a five-star hotel when you can sleep under a thousand stars?! A night on a mountain is something special. You can experience an unforgettable sunset as well as the fabulous peace and quiet of the mountains and can sample some real Tyrolean delicacies at one of the mountain huts. Up in the mountains everyone sleeps differently than down in the valley – and getting up is much easier when you have those views to look at! A night in the mountains should definitely be on your to-do list for 2018.

  1. Experience a sunrise in the mountains

Sunrises are wonderful all over the world – but perhaps a little bit more beautiful in the mountains. You begin with a hike under the sparkling stars until the sun slowly makes its way into a new day. At the beginning it is chilly and you are tired – but this will all mean little when you see the first rays of the sun break over a mountain peak. A fabulous real-life movie which will give you shivers down your spine. The world awakes under your feet – an unforgettable start to the day!

  1. Taste a Tyrolean snack

A Tyrolean snack? What’s that, then? A “Marend” – alternatively a “Jause” – is something to eat between meals, usually in the afternoon. Ingredients tend to be hearty bread, cured ham, “Kas” (cheese), maybe some spreads and some butter made in the mountains. To help it all down, then a “Stamperl” of schnaps. This type of snack (also called a “Brettljause”) tastes especially good at a hut after a strenuous walk.

  1. Visit a place that you have never been before

The words of the Dalai Lama tell us: “Once every year visit a place that you do not know.”. You can travel around the world – but also find locations close to home where you have never been. Off to new adventures!

  1. Watch the animals coming down from the mountains

As the summer draws to its close every year, the herds make their way back into the valleys after their long time in the mountain meadows. Once they are all safely down, then it’s time for a celebration. The cows and sheep are colourfully decorated with headdresses garlanded with flowers and wear their large bells. This living tradition is a wonderful festival that you should see at least once in your life.

  1. Face the Krampus

He’s a horrible hairy monster who is the companion of St Nicholas: the Krampus. Even thinking about him makes children and adults shiver… Anyone who hasn’t been good during the year gets their just desserts on December 5 when the Krampus march through the streets along with St Nicholas and his angels to visit all the inhabitants. If you are not too afraid, experience a Krampus procession in Tyrol.

  1. A big grin on a toboggan

What is the quickest and definitely the most enjoyable way to get down into the valley? That’s right, on a toboggan! Preferably with friends and whoops of celebration. A wild toboggan ride should really be on the bucket list for 2018!

  1. Watch the world from above

Rise above it all. Leave everyday life down in the valley. Climb high into the mountains. That sounds like an impressive goal for the new year! Look at the world down below you and climb a peak where you have never set foot before. Trust yourself and gain a new experience! Grab your walking map, tie the laces of your hiking boots and let’s get going!


Fotos: Tessa Mellinger, Heinz Zak, Mathias Obmascher, Stefan Elsler, Heinz Holzknecht


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