The pull of a winter idyll

22. January 2018

Life is a little bit richer after this hike through the winter idyll of the Seefeld plateau.

There’s crunching beneath the soles. A cold crunching, as funny as that may sound initially. Only when the temperatures are low enough, do our steps in the snow produce this peculiar sound. It adds an additional magic to the pleasant anticipation for this winter walking circuit, along with the almost kitschy blue sky above Seefeld, the sunshine and the light mist of our breath. The 3-lakes hike is marked on the winter walking map as number 2 and, starting from Seefeld, meanders through the woods. Between three and four hours should be set aside for it, depending on walking speed and the length of the stop-offs in between.

At the indoor tennis centre, a soft “Servus” may be whispered to the main town on the plateau, as the track leads from there straight through the Kirchwald, past Mühlegg, and on to the Möserer Mähder pastures. A good walking rhythm has been discovered once you get to the short incline. Just after another mound of snow has slipped off a branch and landed beside the track with a dull sound, the Möserer See comes into view. For a moment time seems to stand still. And even though it doesn’t take long to circumnavigate the lake, it quickly becomes clear that the impressions will stick in the memory for a long time to come. Some tea, with or without rum, at the Möserer Seestube helps preserve this memory with a cosy inner warmth.

The Lottensee is the next destination, soon reached along the Pirschsteig trail, which offers a breathtaking panorama and later leads to another place of power. As the stomach is starting to grumble expectantly and the Lottenseehütte happens to be open, two needs can be satisfied in one go. Afterwards, hikers head for the Wildmoossee, where all reason is thrown to the winds at the Wildmoos-Alm and a truly sumptuous portion of apple strudel ordered with a no less ample helping of whipped cream. Every day needs something a little extra. And this day deserved the little extra even more than most.


3 lakes hiking circuit

Route: Seefeld – Möserer See – Lottensee – Wildmoossee – Seefeld

Starting point: Seefeld indoor tennis centre / End point: Seefeld Seekirchl

Length: 12.3 km

Walking time overall: ca. 4 hours

Tip: An overview of all the hikes in the Olympiaregion Seefeld is provided by the winter hiking map that is available at almost all hotels and tourist offices in the region


Stephan Elser


Alexandra Keller for the guest magazin zeit.los (time.less) of the Olympiaregion Seefeld

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