By the light of the moon

5. February 2018

Those who take a tour to the Rauthhütte by the light of a full moon will feel their happiness hormones go into overdrive.

The mighty bulk of the Hohe Munde appears round and peaceful. The eastern summit seems to slumber contentedly beneath its blanket of snow. Which lessens the respect for the mountain, otherwise so imposing, and whose western summit, at more than 2,660 metres in height, is a little bit closer to heaven. This craggy section, though, can only be guessed at from here. On the way to the Rauthhütte, it is the gentle side that magically draws the wanderer’s gaze. Step by step the touring skis appear to move all by themselves.

It’s not only the blue light of the full moon, in which the contours of the eastern summit can be read down to the last detail, which serves as a compass during the ascent. At the foot of the ridge there is a bright, almost cheeky glow emanating from the generous windows at the front of the Rauthhütte. The relaxed hour that the ascent takes usually is a little extended by the moonlit panorama and only the hungry and thirsty go at a faster pace. Their palates make them get a move on as they know what to expect up above. The others can keep looking to their heart’s content. “The majority are locals, but ski touring is also becoming more popular with guests” says Andreas Rauth. His name betrays his close connection to the mountain shelter. For three generations, the hut has been the centre of the family’s world.

Ski tourers have grown to love this ascent, and have the option of skiing down on the slope groomed by Andreas Rauth himself or next to it in deep snow. The steep, and in parts quite challenging, run is great for passionate tobogganers. Snow-shoe walkers appreciate the opportunity to leave their gentle tracks away from the prepared paths and, on their way uphill, to enjoy a leisurely contemplation of life or simply how to please their taste buds today. For the cuisine on the Rauthhütte is excellent.

By the way, it’s not just on full moon nights that the Rauthhütte fans are drawn to the mountain. “Full moon or not, they come. That’s why headlamps were invented,” Andreas says. The truly moonstruck, however, will not be convinced. Even if a headlamp can illuminate the route from Moos, a part of Leutasch, up to the shelter at 1,600 metres above sea level perfectly, the moon is and remains the true master.


The Rauthhütte shelter, constructed in 1928 by Andrä Rauth, is situated at the foot of the Hohe Munde peak, at 1,600 metres above sea level, and since 2003, when the Mundelift stopped operating, it can only be reached on foot (ca. 1 hour from the parking area). The winter season for the shelter starts in the middle of December, and it is then open from Monday to Saturday, from 08:30 to 22:00, and on Sundays until 19:00. For more information visit www.rauthhuette.at

You can find many other tips for snow-shoe hikes, tobogganing fun and ski tours in the Olympiaregion Seefeld at www.seefeld.com.


econova/Tom Bause, Olympiaregoin Seefeld

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