Photo Competition: #myvisitseefeldmoment

25. July 2018

Grab your camera and get started: this competition demands a keen eye and a nose for what is interesting! Our region boasts countless lovely spots – we want your camera to focus on them. You can catch the best holiday snaps and memories here, whether in the mountains, at a lake, in one of the villages or in an atmospheric gorge. Just share your photo on Instagram and you can win some great prizes as well. Find out exactly how it works, what you can win and some helpful tips from a photographer here!

The Competition: The Locations

Discover some of the most impressive spots and experience your own #myvisitseefeldmoment! We have chosen four locations: the Geisterklamm gorge for those who are a bit adventurous; the Kaltwasser lake at altitude; the Pfarrhügel close to the centre of Seefeld and an impressive peak that we are not (yet) naming. Some of these places are easy and quick to get to, others offer the opportunity for a lovely walk or e-bike ride. The mountain peak includes another challenge as well as climbing it: we are not telling you what its name is. You can however find out where it is using the GPS data below. However you get to your location, do not forget to take your smartphone with you and shoot the best photos that you can!

Use Your Imagination And Creativity

As well as these four photogenic locations you can also give your own creativity free rein: surprise us with an impressive shot from somewhere you have chosen in the Olympiaregion Seefeld! Where is the loveliest place you know? Any image using the theme Nature can take part in the competition. We can’t wait to see which places you come up with!

You can find the official rules of entry and an explanation of how they work further down in this article.

The Locations: Some Tips from a Photographer

Together with photographer  Mäthaus Gartner we have viewed the four locations in their best light. Get inspired by his shots and his tips about how to create an impressive image!

#1: Geisterklamm Gorge

There are many ways to travel between Austria and Germany or vice versa. The most exciting and the loveliest was one that I found in Leutasch near Seefeld – the Geisterklamm (Spirit Gorge). At the furthest end of the Leutasch valley a very special world opens up. Most visitors find the stunning gorge full of bizarre stone walls, noisy cascades and small waterfalls tumbling over the rocksamazing. Thanks to a spectacular metal walkway of over a kilometre in length the gorge can be easily explored. I was thrilled from the start as it was only the second gorge that I had been in.Like a small childI was waiting to find out what was behind the next corner.

There are also many possibilities and perspectives for photographers to let off steam. The two bridges, around40 meters above the Leutascher Ache, are especially great locations for images. I really like pictures taken with a wide-angle lens. They have a kind of “drone-like” flair as the wider coverage makes the images flow more. I would also recommend that photographers take a tripod and a grey filter with them, so that they can take long exposures. One more tip for great photos in the Geisterklamm: go at dawn or dusk. You will not only have the gorge for yourself but the light is also better than during the day. The Geisterklamm is also perfect as a rainy-day excursion, as the rain makes everything seem more mystical and there is much more water flowing in the stream.

#2: The Mountain Peak

We are not going to tell you which peak it is – but perhaps you can tell which one it might be from the images and tips? You can also use GPS to discover its exact location:

GPS Data: 47° 23′ 12.001″ N 11° 8′ 6″ E

Latitude: 47.386667

Longitude: 11.134999999999991

Anyway, we promise that the walk to the peak is a lot of fun! It is varied and above all offers impressive views. There are several huts along the way where you can stop if you are in need of refreshment.

Photographer Mathäus Said This About His Climb:

Definitely a mountain for views. I really enjoy visiting the mountains and have climbed a few of the best-known ones in Austria, such as the Großglockner, the Großvenediger and the Wildspitze. This peak is now definitely one of my favourite mountains, though.The range where it is located is a stunning area. It is not often that you find so many spires, towers and steep rock walls. You shouldn’t have to search for too long for a great subject for your photo, there are so many of them. My tip: the advantages of a very early or late climb are the fantastic sunrises and sunsets.There is no other mountain to spoil the view so the perspectives in all directions are open. Those who do not want to go up or down in the middle of the night can always – careful, spoiler alarm (!) – use the Wettersteinhütte for an overnight stay.

Back to our tour: we were really lucky with the conditions. A high mist and wonderful light, something that every photo enthusiast would look forward to. I was especially fascinated by the views into the Gaistal and over towards the Karwendel. With a telescopic lens, one that you can use to zoom in, there are many more possibilities open. Here I always find it very interesting to work with a lovely foreground and get some depth of field into the picture. Flowers, grass or stones are ideal. In the background the mountains come into their own and round off the whole picture. But using normal lens was also a lot of fun. On the beautiful ridges at the summit you can really let yourself go and take some cool shots.  What did I like the best? We had a wonderful experience along with the great atmosphere and surroundings. On the way down at around 2000 metres in altitude we met up with around 50 sheep. After a few strokes and a snack together, we said goodbye with some great memories and headed our way back down into the valley.

#3: Pfarrhügel

Visiting Seefeld for the first time? I always find it important to get a quick overview of a new location. The Pfarrhügel in Seefeld is ideal for that. Ten minutes’ walk from the centre and you have a great view over the surroundings. From the Wildsee, over the village centre and through to the Karwendel and Wetterstein ranges. And there are enough seats to offer spots for relaxation.

Before this relaxation, however, I would like to offer a couple of tips about photography from here. This tip is directed at all of those who like to get up early: use the wonderful early morning light! If you are lucky you will also have some morning fog and will start your day off perfectly! Here are a couple more suggestions for better photos for those who prefer to stay in bed. The views of the distance from the Pfarrhügel are wonderful and should be used for images. So do not exclude the possibility of the mountains in the background and rocks in the foreground. If there are still beautiful flowers in bloom, take them with you into the picture – they give the photo more colour and freshen it up.

#4: Kaltwassersee

Whether as a family hike or as a mountain bike or e-bike excursion: this lake with its perfect location is a popular attraction. There is also an alternative for those who prefer to go downhill rather than uphill: the funicular to the Rosshütte. Once you get to the Kaltwassersee, a wonderful view towards Hohe Munde and the Wetterstein mountain range awaits you.If you are lucky and there is no wind, you can see the reflection of the peaks in the water. I was really very taken with the lake and found especially the view towards Hohe Munde was immediately photogenic.

There are extremely many perspectives that can be captured. Either with the telephoto lens, so that you can get closer to the mountains and work with a nice foreground or pictures with the wide-angle lens to show the size of the lake. Plenty of sky, a lot of water or less water and a little sky – the key here is experimentation. What I personally find particularly cool is that there is a slope behind the lake. So, you have, if you want, a perspective from above and can include more from the valley in the photo. As with every landscape picture, the mood is of course an essential factor to make a picture even better. For this I can really recommend a sunset tour to the Kaltwassersee.Take some friends and cold drinks with you and enjoy a wonderful sunset!


Mathäus is 22 and studies in Kufstein. Thanks to his geographical location in Tyrol, he is practically at home in the mountains and prefers to spend every free minute outside, whether mountain climbing, mountain biking or ski touring. Photography also plays an important role in his life and is his greatest passion. He prefers emotional and authentic images. With his pictures Mathäus tries to get people out of their comfort zone and motivate them for future adventures.

The Competition: Let’s Get Going!

How you can participate:

Upload your best photos to Instagram and follow three simple steps: add a notification to @visitseefeld and use the following hashtags #visitseefeld and #myvisitseefeldmoment. That enables us to find your photo and to add it into the competition. You can take part as many times as you want with different photos.

What can you win?

Every month we will award a prize for the best image. And finally, there will be a special prize for the photo which is better than the rest: three nights for two people in the Astoria Resort *****S Hotel! A perfect break and pure relaxation are waiting for you!

Who can take part?

Anyone who has a public Instagram account can take part. You can enter as many times as you wish with different images. Of course, you can upload them to a private account but these will not be notified to us with the #myvisitseefeldmoment hashtag. Conditions of Entry are available as a download below.

How much time do I have?

You have three months: the competition starts on 30.07.2018 and finishes on 31.10.2018. Please remember that many locations are not as easily accessible in autumn, especially mountain peaks. If it should snow, we recommend that you choose one of the lower locations for your photography.

Official rules of entry:

Rules of Entry: Photo Competition



The competition #myvisitseefeldmoment is now over and we thank each and everyone for their participation. Many breathtaking pictures were shared and a great number of users showed us their “favourite places” in the region – thank you! Therefore, the selection of the best photo was more than difficult. However, there is one picture that could stand out the most of all: A picture of Manuel Kokseder, in which he captured a colourful sunset at lake Möserer See – his favourite place in the region:

This picture wins the very special main prize of the photo competition: A short holiday at the 5-star superior Hotel Astoria Resort in Seefeld. Peace, relaxation and finding oneself: The hotel offers that and much more! The Astoria may rank itself among the best 24 hotels in Austria. An unforgettable stay with precious moments in the Astoria Resort is therefore guaranteed!

Since we were thrilled by all the great entries, we are happy to be able to award a second and third place in addition to the main prize. The second place goes to a photo of lake Kaltwassersee. The lake as a mirror for the mountains and the water rings in the foreground make this picture impressive. The second place gets two tickets for the Day Spa at the Krumers Alpin Resort – for perfect relaxation and a break from daily life huzzle!

The third place goes to an impressive sunrise tour to the Reither Spitze. Getting up early and hiking up the mountain was worth it, because we are happy that we can give away two tickets for one day at the Rosshütte Seefeld for this photo.

Here you can find all the photos that took part in the competition.

We say “Thank you!” and are looking forward to seeing many more great pictures from our region! #visitseefeld

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Fotos: Mathäus Gartner

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