Austrian Recipes: Organic Pulled Pork Strudel and Kletznstrudel

4. July 2018

Strudel for ever! Nowhere in the world has as much variety as we do when it comes to different types of strudel. We fill the pastry with all kinds of tasty and creative delicacies. And they all taste great, whether sweet like the apple strudel or a hearty savoury version with vegetables and meat!

We here in the Seefeld region celebrate the glory of the strudel annually with our Strudelfest. Visitors can taste the best strudels they have ever experienced! (At least, that’s what we claim – if you want to disprove it you will have to taste them yourselves! 😉 )

The Biohotel Leutascherhof has put together special recipes for the occasion this year that will make your mouth water. They are sharing two of them with us: an organic Pulled Pork Strudel and the organic Kletznstudel.

 Downloads with lists of ingredients and instructions can be found further down the page.


Organic Pulled-Pork-Strudel á la Leutascherhof

Those who prefer heartier food should try to prepare the Pulled Pork Strudel. Here the traditional cuisine is combined with modern ingredients. With pulled pork there is one golden rule: take your time. The waiting will be rewarded by the tenderest meat and pure enjoyment! This strudel is a little bit different than most – not least because it is made with flaky pastry and not the usual strudel pastry.

Step-by-step Preparation:

Otto Wandl from the Leutascherhof prepares his pulled pork using the sous-vide method (low temperature vacuum cooking). At home this can be done using a steamer or using a vacuum pack in a water bath.

First prepare the mix of herbs and spices. Mix the paprika, rock salt, smoked salt, cane sugar, mustard powder, chili, cumin, black pepper and garlic together and grind until smooth. Then rub the mixture into the meat, put it into a vacuum bag and seal. It is now cooked slowly in the water bath or steamer at a temperature of 65°C for around 36 hours. Take the meat out of the water and let cool. Carefully open the bag and collect the juices.

Finally, the meat is cooked again in the oven on a rack with a drip pan at a temperature of 250°C for around 20 minutes until a nice crust has developed. Occasionally moisten the meat with the juices which have collected. Once the roasting phase has finished, pull the meat apart with two forks and mix in some of the juices to make a tasty and moist pulled pork.

Once the meat is ready, start with the vegetables. Cut them into small pieces and fry for a short period in rapeseed oil. Add the herbs and spices and the meat and mix together. Fill the puff pastry with the mixture, roll into a strudel and cook for 35 minutes in an oven at 180°C.

Otto’s Tip: Serve with barbecue sauce – it works really well with this type of strudel!


Organic Kletznstrudel á la Leutascherhof

Those who have a sweet tooth have found the perfect strudel in the Kletznstrudel. “Kletzen” are dried pears and here in our Alpine region are a much-loved ingredient in strudels, fruit breads and all kinds of unhealthy temptations. This recipe for a Kletznstrudel also includes dried figs and nuts along with the pears. Preparation is simple and everyone will be impressed!


Step-by-step Preparation:

Otto’s Tip: On the day before cooking quarter the dried pears and figs and marinate them, along with the raisins, in the pear schnaps so that they are particularly juicy and “tasty”!

Beat the butter until it is soft and creamy, add the icing sugar and then gradually mix in the egg yolks. Add the rest of the ingredients apart from the nuts, egg whites and sugar. Beat the egg whites and sugar until it is stiff. Fold half the egg whites into the mixture, add the nuts and then fold the rest of the egg whites in. Add the filling to the strudel pastry and bake for 35 minutes at 180° C. Enjoy the strudel – we wish you “bon Appetit”!

Event Tip:

The Strudel Festival organised by the Seefeld Innkeepers is held on Saturday and Sunday, 7th and 8th of September in Seefeld.. A variety of strudels, the like of which has rarely been seen in the Alps, will be on display. Spicy, savoury, sweet and crispy – a heaven for gourmets. Alongside the culinary displays there will be real folk music, performances by the Seefelder Plattler dance group and a children’s programme for the little ones.


Pulled Pork Strudel Recipe

Kletznstrudel Recipe

Fotos: Thomas Steinlechner


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