Forest Bathing: A Gift of the Forest

13. July 2018

Trees, moss, a sudden crack from the undergrowth and then peace and quiet returns. Leaves rustle in the wind, a bird sings. The experience of immersing oneself completely in the forest and its energy has a new name: Waldbaden (literally “bathing in the forest”). Nature coach Verena Hiltpolt explains why this has developed into a trend and why nature enthusiasts such as Barbara Becker use the deep forest experience for relaxation.

The Japanese call it Shinrin Yoku and are so enthusiastic about it that Waldbaden has become a wellness trend. (Don’t worry about getting wet – there is no actual swimming involved.) Barbara Becker tried it out in Japan and could not pass up on the opportunity to experience it in the forests of the Seefeld plateau. The happy result: Seefeld is one of the first regions in Austria to offer its guests Shinrin Yoku as part of its weekly programme! (Registration required)

Be in the moment. Smell the forest.

Things which should be ideally intuitive are not necessarily so in everyday life: relaxation, deep breathing, experiencing nature with all one’s senses, and simple pleasure in existence. We visit the ‘Forest School’ with Verena Hiltpolt. As the first qualified Nature Coach in the Tyrol she tackles the topic of Shinrin Yoku comprehensively.

Did you realise?

Something changes after the first steps along the forest path. Your pace becomes more regular, your face relaxes, and your breathing becomes calmer. The senses are heightened for the beautiful, for the tiny, for the enchanting: the reflections in the leaves, the cheerful burble of the stream, the fragrant moss, the blue flowers that decorate the rock along the way. But Waldbaden is much more.

The Secret of Shinrin Yoku

Guests from all over the world and of all ages can experience nature at a deeper level in Seefeld using Shinrin Yoku. They enjoy the positive effects on body and mind that do so much good for the soul. Everyone perceives the forest, its energy and beauty in their own way. Getting in touch with nature and finding themselves – discovering the secret of Shinrin Yoku.

Waldbaden in the Clear Mountain Air of Seefeld

The positive side effects of Waldbaden arrive quietly and unnoticed. A gift of the forest, if you like. The blood pressure may drop, and adrenaline is balanced, the mood brightens. It is a real pleasure to feel so liberated, to breathe freely. Take in the clear mountain air as fresh energy, surrounded by the wonderful forest and mountain world of the Seefeld plateau. And remember that you too are part of nature.

When will you dive with us into the natural pleasure that is Waldbaden?

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Fotos: Starpress, Anton Hiltpolt, Stephanie Kratzer

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