Sweet childhood memory: Moosbeernocken

6. August 2018

They simply belong to the summer like sunshine and swimming: Billberries! These nutricious blue berries are currently growing everywhere in our region. Once someone says “I found bellberries!”, we grab our things and hike up the mountains to pick the sweet berries. They are not only the perfect energy boost during a hike, but also the engredient for delicious deserts. We have got one recipe for you that will awake childhood memories: “Moosbeernocken”, a kind of Tyrolean bilberry pancake. Cook Patrick Trois from the Dorfkrug Mösern shares his easy yet tasty recipe with us.




The easy preparation:

Mix the egg and the flour in a mixing bowl. Then add a good splash of milk. Stir until you have a batter that is the consistency of a pancake batter. Add one or two handful bilberries and carefully mix with a fork. Put the clarified butter in a pan and add the batter. Fry each side around 2 minutes. Then leave them to drain on a kitchen paper. At last, dust them with icing sugar and some cinnamon. Put a bowl of your favourite ice cream on the side and serve the “Moosbeernocken”



Tipp: If you like berries, you can try out this recipe with other berries, too!

Download: The recipe

Find the download of the recipe here:

Moosbeernocken Recipe English

Fotos: Patrick Trois

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