Recipe: Herbal Roulade of Chicken Fillet with Potato Noodles

4. September 2018

When the hosts of the Culinarium Alpentraum get together to create recipes, one thing is sure: they will come up with something of the highest quality based on regional cuisine. Sustainable, traditional, alpine and creative. This time the hosts at the Culinarium Alpentraum Cuisine Workshop gave themselves a special challenge: how can you use and prepare a whole chicken? One highlight of the recipes was the herbal roulade of chicken fillet with potato noodles. We can show you how to do it as well with step by step preparation from the professionals!

Recipe: Herbal Roulade of Chicken Fillet with Potato Noodles

The recipe with ingredients and instructions can be found lower as a download!

Step by step: Herbal Roulade of Chicken Fillet with Potato Noodles

Herbal stuffing: finely mince the 80g of raw chicken meat with the 10g of herbs (chives, parsley, rosemary and chervil), 20g of cream and 2-3 ice cubes. Add salt, pepper and optional garlic to taste and mix well. Cut the chicken fillet lengthwise into strips and spread with the stuffing. Now roll it in cling film and then in aluminium foil. Place in the oven at 90 degrees for 40 minutes.

Crispy Skin

Degrease the skin by removing the fat from the bottom of the skin and salt it. Then smooth out the skin between two sheets of baking paper. Place on a baking tray and put another baking tray on top. Place baking stones or other weighs on top to smooth out the skin. Cook for 15 minutes at 210° (convection).

Potato Noodles with Chanterelle Mushrooms and Bacon

Chop the mushrooms and onions finely and fry in the butter until there is no more liquid in the vegetables. Chop the bacon finely, fry it and add to the vegetables along with some chopped parsley.

Cook the 220g of potatoes, let them cool and then peel them. Mash them with salt, pepper, nutmeg, 10g of wheat semolina, 120g of flour and two egg yolks so that they form a dough. Roll the dough into cylinders about the thickness of a thumb (use a little flour to stop sticking!). Cut the cylinders into lengths of about 2-3cm and then use hands to shape them into noodles of about 5cm in length. Add to a boiling pan of water and then reduce the temperature to cook them. Finally brown some butter in a pan and coat the cooked noodles.

… Enjoy your meal!

Find the recipe to download here:

Recipe Herbal Roulade of Chicken Fillet

The Magnificent Seven: The Hosts of the Culinarium Alpentraum

The Culinarium Alpentraumis made up of seven hosts who all share the same thing: their passion for excellent local cuisine. And, of course, plenty of skills in the kitchen. A further condition is that they are all family businesses. In that way the preparation of traditional cuisine can be passed through the generations and the younger hosts can bring fresh ideas into the kitchen. The businesses, who got together in 1997, are spread all over the region. They are made up of the Gasthof Dorfkrugin Mösern, the Restaurant Weidachstubein Leutasch, the Gasthaus Brückein Leutasch, the Waldgasthaus Triendlsägein Seefeld, the Gasthof Tiroler Weinstubein Seefeld, the Gasthof Hirschenin Reith and the Gasthof Wiesenhofin Scharnitz. When you mix so much knowledge, experience and talent together, then pure enjoyment is the result!

Lay the Table: The Culinarium Alpentraum Gourmet Event

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not at all! It’s completely the opposite with the hosts of the Culinarium Alpentraum. Since 2016 the seven hosts get together every year to put on an extra-special gourmet event. Each year, the event takes place at a different restaurant. This time, the guests could enjoy their menu at a very special place…

Lay the Table: The Culinarium Alpentraum Gourmet Event

This summer the hosts conjured up something really unusual at the Gasthof zur Brücke in Leutasch: A table, covered with regional delicacies surrounded by an alpine meadow full of flowers. A little bit like paradise, open-air dining for guests who were served regional and traditional dishes from the area. For example, the salad was created from the meadow where they were sitting. Hardly possible to get more local than that! The hosts from the Culinarium Alpentraum display the best of Tyrolean cuisine and set new standards for regionality, sustainability and taste!

The Culinarium Alpentraum organise a special cuisine event every year – the next one is planned for Spring 2019 in the Gasthaus Hirschen in Leithen. The event is open for everyone who would like to experience a culinary delight of one of a kind. Reservations can be made in spring. 

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