One winter, a thousand adventures: Our Winter Activities

1. December 2018

When was the last time you did something you’ve never done before? There are still so many adventures waiting for you! And you can experience them in the Olympiaregion Seefeld: Take a walk with an alpaca through the winter landscape, try “snow tubing” and learn ice curling. We offer you 17 very special experiences this winter – which one are you going to join?

  1. Historical Seefeld

The small municipality of Seefeld was first mentioned as early as the 11th century and there are many stories hidden around the village that are waiting to be to be told. Discover the other side of Seefeld – long before Olympia and  the Nordic Lifestyle – on a historic hike through Seefeld.

  1. Enchanting snowshoe hike for beginners

Is there anything more beautiful than an untouched, quiet winter landscape? Yes, trudging through this untouched, quiet winter landscape on snowshoes! Even “snowshoe beginners” can take part in this little adventure on a hike to the panoramic Gschwandtkopf mountain. After the ascent, views on the Hohe Munde, the Zugspitze and (almost) the entire region await you – and you certainly deserve a break and Kaiserschmarren at the Sonnenalm!

  1. Snow Tubing

What, you’ve never heard of snow tubing?! Well, then it’s about time! This fun activity is certainly not only great for children and families, but really for everyone. With an air-filled tyre you slide down the slopes. But we must warn you: A sore stomach from laughing the next day is guaranteed!

  1. Waxed to perfection

They are the key to the ultimate cross-country skiing experience: the skis. Only if they have been waxed well, you can fully enjoy your cross-country skiing experience. Therefore, all professionals and beginners can learn from us how to optimally prepare the cross-country skis for all snow conditions.

  1. Walk through the winterly forest in Leutasch

There are many hidden places in Leutasch that hardly anyone else knows – only Hansi Bantl knows them all. He takes you on a hike to the most beautiful and untouched places. He also has plenty of exciting and funny stories in store. So grab your warm winter boots and off you go into the snow-covered winter forest!

  1. A passion for grooming the slopes – Scharnitz

Have you ever joined a ride in a snow groomer? This is definitely the ultimate experience, not only for cross-country skiers! With 6 tons and up to 260 HP, the Pistenbully rolls over the tracks and grooms the perfect cross-county skiing track. Our Pistenbully team in Scharnitz will be happy to take you on a ride!

  1. Learn something new in Seefeld

Curling has a long tradition in Seefeld. Therefore, you can learn this alpine outdoor fun with us. We will show you the technique before you compete in teams against each other. Don’t worry – talent is less important, everyone has the fun!

  1. Enchanting snowshoe hike to the Mühlberg

If you already have some experience with snowshoes, this adventure is for you: Come with us through the mystical winter forest to the Mühlberg in Scharnitz! Far away from the hustle and bustle and in the middle of the snowy landscape, you can enjoy the beauty of nature like nowhere else.

  1. Shinrin Yoku: Winterly forest bathing in Seefeld

This trend from Japan is taking Europe by storm: “Forest bathing”, also known as Shinrin Yoku. No matter what the weather, there is an endless amount to discover in the woods of our region. Discover the nature and your inner peace. Go forest bathing with NaturCoach Verena Hiltpolt, recharge your batteries and experience the beauty of the winterly forest.

  1. Guided tour of the butcher „Gut Leutasch“

You are curious to know where the best (game) meat comes from far and wide? From the Gut Leutasch! We take you on a guided tour through the butcher’s shop, where delicious sausage and meat specialities are produced regionally and sustainably.

  1. A passion for grooming the slopes – Leutasch

Our cross-country preparing crew in Leutasch will be happy to have you as a co-rider on a trip over the trails. Whilst having the legendary Hohe Munde always in view, you can gain an insight into how the trails are groomed and what it feels like to ride in a “Pistenbully”.

  1. Torchlight winter walk with Alpakas

With their thick and fluffy fur, they somewhat look like big teddy bears: The alpacas. They are probably the most peaceful and lovable inhabitants of the region. And they would love you to accompany them on a walk! In the light of the lanterns you can enjoy the winter landscape together. An adventure that simply makes everyone happy!

  1. Walk through the snow beneath a starry sky 

Imagine that: You walk through the night, the stars above you, the valley far bellow, the way only illuminated by the torch in your hand. The lights of the houses glitter in the distance and you enjoy the nature. Sounds beautiful? It is! Walk with us through the night and see the village Mösern and its surroundings from a completely different side.

  1. A shaggy cow story

“Simply cool” and just “adorable”! This is the only way the “Zottl” cattle from the Zottl Farm can be described. Even the worst snowstorm and deepest winter don’t seem to bother the Scottish highland cattle – their faithful brown eyes always look out contentedly under their long, shaggy fur. Children and adults can get to know these lovely animals during a guided tour of the stable and hay feeding.

  1. Musical Goes Cinepoint

You are a huge fan of musicals and want to experience the Broadway feeling in the cinema? You can do that in Seefeld! Snuggle yourself into the comfortable cinema seats and enjoy delicious popcorn while humming and singing along!

  1. On our pistes, get set, go! Night skiing in Seefeld

Yes, we know that – sometimes even a whole day of skiing is not enough. Or you have so much more to experience during the day that skiing simply didn’t fit into your day… That is why we also open our slopes in the evening. But best of all: For one hour, you can enjoy the slopes in the floodlight all to yourself!

  1. Test your markmanship: Biathlon taster lesson

This sport calls for precision and a good eye: Biathlon. It combines cross-country skiing and endurance sport with the highest of concentration. We show you how biathlon works and introduce you to a new sport that you might get addicted to in a blink of an eye!

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Wich one of the adventures are you going to experience this winter? You can find the whole list and timetable of our Winter Adventures here.

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