Seefeld 2019: Exciting facts about the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2019

12. January 2019

The 52nd FIS Nordic World Ski Championships will take place in Seefeld from 19 February to 03 March 2019. The attention of the entire Nordic world will be on Seefeld when the best athletes compete for the medals. You think you already know everything about the World Championships? Test your knowledge, because we have some facts that you certainly didn’t know yet!

60 Nations – From Bermuda to Lebanon

The best athletes from 60 nations will be in Seefeld for the 2019 World Championships and fight for the titles of the World Champion.

Whoever thinks that Nordic Sport only exists in countries like Austria, Scandinavia, or the USA is completely wrong! Athletes from countries like Madagascar, Thailand, Bermuda and Lebanon will alsocompete for the medals at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico will also be represented.

22 competitions and 129 medals

In a total of 22 competitions, the world’s elite competes in the three disciplines Cross-country Skiing, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined. 129 medals will be awarded at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2019.

137 grams

Speaking of the medals: The medal that the lucky World Champions win weighs exactly 137 grams. The medal design is based on a snowflake and the ribbon is in the colours of the five continents. The name of the event, the venue and the year are engraved on the back. The medal was designed by the famous Swiss artist Rolf Diggelmann. This design is a proud 67 years old and has been in use since 1952. The facts about the medal have been clarified – the only question left is which athletes will be allowed to take them home in 2019!

200,000 spectators

200,000 spectators are expected in Seefeld and Innsbruck during the World Championships to cheer on the athletes on the tracks and from the numerous spectator stands.

Of course, it is also possible to follow the event in front of the television: Approximately 900 hours of live transmission will be projected during the World Cup. It is expected that 200 million people around the world will watch the event.

138 meters

This is the ski jump record at the Bergisel and thus the longest distance ever jumped at the ski jump in Innsbruck. It will be interesting to see if this record will be broken during the 2019 World Championships! By the way: The length of the ski jumps depends on the body mass index of the athlete. The heavier an athlete, the longer the skis.

5,500 calories

A distance cross-country skier will run a total of 90 km (without qualifying runs). By comparison, the Wasalauf in Sweden, the most popular cross-country ski race, is just as long. They therefore burn a proud 5,500 kilocalories. Or in other words: 30 Kaspressknödel or 9 portions of Kaiserschmarrn. Hmm, enjoy your meal!

650 tons

Quite heavy: The steel constructions of the spectator stands for the World Cup weigh 650 tons. A total of 10,032 spectators will be seated in the stands. The construction of the grandstands will take a total of 8 weeks. The Media Grand Stand – a 3-storey construction including various commentary booths -, the vidiwalls with oversized screens and the brook overhang for the VIP grandstand are a particular challenge for the constructors.

1,200 litres soup, 800 kg noodles

To ensure that the athletes, coaches and service personnel do not run out of energy during the World Championships, they will have plenty of food at their disposal: 6,000 cereal bars, 1,200 litres of soup, 800 kg of noodles, 200 kg of rice and 800 kg of vegetables will be available during the 12 days of the World Championships. There will be lots of proteins too: a total of 960 kg of meat (most of it chicken, beef and pork) will also be served. With 5,000 apples and bananas there are also enough vitamins for all athletes and the staff.

600 volunteers

A big event like the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Seefeld 2019 cannot take place without the help of numerous volunteers. A total of 600 volunteers – 60 of them at the Bergisel Ski Jump in Innsbruck – will be actively involved during the World Championships. There are 30 exciting areas to choose from, for example in the race office, TV coordination, media and press, logistics and set-up, doping control and many more!

Further information about the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships:

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Even more information

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Fotos: Stephan Elsler, Tirol Werbung (Bernhard Aichner, Kathrin Koschitzki, Sebastian Schels), OK Seefeld/ GEPA, Kristallwelten

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