Hiking without time pressure: The unicorn march

28. May 2019

Every September, a special hiking event comes to the Leutaschtal valley: The 3 day Unicorn Walk. Hiking enthusiasts from all over the world travel to the Olympiaregion Seefeld to take part in the March from the 13th to 15th of September. But what about hiking friends from Korea and military groups from Luxembourg? We explain where the joy of the Unicorn March comes from.

„Nos iungat ambulare“: An organization that makes friends

This year, the IML 3 Days Unicorn March celebrates its 20th anniversary in the idyllic Leutaschtal. This attracts once more hundreds of participants to hike along the most beautiful routes of the region. Together and without any time pressure. However, it is no coincidence that there is a broad diversity of the participating nations. This is based on an international non-profit organisation called IML Walking Association which was founded in 1987 by a total of eight founding members. Today it consists of 30 members with countries from Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. This may bring back memories in some hiking enthusiasts. Others may hear about it for the first time. But what exactly is the IML Walking Association? The organisation was founded in order to establish walking as a healthy sport, to get to know new countries and cultures and to make international friends. The motto “Nos iungat ambulare” (in English: “May hiking unite us”) forms the basis of a peaceful, communal and friendly union. Due to the internationality of the IML Walking Association, more and more military groups became aware of the marches worldwide. Therefore, during the Unicorn March, Europe-wide military groups complete various Unicorn March routes in order to train for their profession. And one thing we can tell you in advance – even if the soldiers seem strict, you may smile together with them 😉

This is what distinguishes the Unicorn March

The Unicorn March is characterised by the fact that the walks take place without time pressure or measurement. Therefore, there is no competition. That is why the Unicorn March is a march of the IML Walking Association for the 20th time. Participants of the Unicorn March in Leutasch can choose between routes that are 10, 20, 30, and 42 km long. Start and finish are both in Leutasch, the ideal “base camp” for the most beautiful hikes in the Olympiaregion Seefeld. Off the beaten track, the 3-day Unicorn March becomes an experience – on each of the three “hiking days”, the Wettersteinhalle in Leutasch turns into an entertaining location for all enthusiastic participants to celebrate their joint successes with international new and old friends.

The most beautiful hikes of the Unicorn March

With a length of 10 km, the “Wildmoos hike” on day 2 of the Unicorn March is one of the most beautiful hikes. It leads from the Wettersteinhalle to Neuleutasch and into the impressive Wildmoos area. The beauty and idyll are a characteristic of the Leutasch valley, which is why the 20 km long “Achen hike” on day 1 shows the most beautiful sides of this valley. The hike goes as far as Unterkirchen, passing impressive mountains and almost reaching the end of the valley. Another highlight is the 30 km long “Gaistal hike”, which leads into the paradisiacal Gaistal valley. The valley with its many cabins is not without reason a paradise for hikers, and this route makes day 3 of the Unicorn March very special. The 42 km long “Olympic hike”, which includes almost all places of the Olympiaregion Seefeld, represents the king class of the Unicorn March hikes. The hike leads towards Neuleutasch and Triendlsäge and further on to Reith bei Seefeld. Via Mösern and the three lakes Möserer See, Lottensee and Wildmoossee the hikers return to the Leutaschtal valley.

Become part of the IML and the Unicorn March

The 3-days Unicorn March from 13th to 15th of September has awakened the hiking fever in you? Then register now and experience an unforgettable hiking adventure with participants from near and far. Groups and hiking associations are also welcome to participate! For a group registration of 10 persons you get one free starting place.

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