Mountain Spring Days in Leutasch

4. June 2019

What we see when we walk

The Mountain Spring Days in Leutasch are among the highlights of the hiking season. Hans Neuner and his wife Monika are hosting them for the 13th time this year.

When Hans Neuner, known as the Bantl-Hansi, strolls through the Leutasch with his guests, it is always an experience. When he passes on his knowledge and tells his stories, “ahs” and “ohs”, pointed ears and glowing eyes are not far away. For the 13th time the “Mountain Spring Days” will take place from 2 to 8 June 2019 and as every year, there will be many guests who have been visiting this events for years.

Authentic knowledge

Hans and Monika Neuner, the “Bantls”, are authentic, they like their homeland and like to pass on their knowledge. You can tell that they have lots of know-how and really know their way around. The hikes have nothing artificial about them, but an honest desire to make people smarter. “You don’t have to invent anything here, we have everything,” says Hans. “The mountain spring can really be described as such here. The opulence that this season offers us can already be seen.”

„A lot of what I know today I have learned from asking. From being curious.“ – Hans Neuner

The Mountain Spring Days were invented as a logical consequence as a springlike counterpart to the “Ganghofer Hubertus Week”, which takes place for the 21st time in October. During the Spring Mountain Days Hans and Monika are regularly supported by experts from different fields. This year, botanist Konrad Pagitz who knows his way around neophytes – plants that are not originally native to a region but have been introduced – will share his knowledge. The glaciologist Michael Kuhn teaches more about the ice age.

Fresh breakfast on the mountain

A particularly popular event during the spring Days is the natural organic breakfast in the forest. The meeting point is at 7:30 a.m. at the car park near the music pavilion in Weidach, where you can hike into the forest in the fresh morning air, where a delicious breakfast with crispy bread, fresh curd cheese and butter, jam, bacon and eggs awaits you. The coffee is freshly cooked over an open fire. Years ago Hans and Monika started to go bird-watching. We start at five o’clock in the morning. “We thought no one would come,” Monika looks back. They should be wrong. 30 people were there! “You can hardly imagine the morning birdsong if you haven’t experienced it yourself. That is already very impressive”, Hans finds. He is right!

Everyone is welcome at the Mountain Spring Days in Leutasch. Please note that the events are mainly held in German language only. We kindly ask you to register for the events beforehand.

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