St. Mary Magdalene’s Church Day: A Living Tradition

17. July 2019

Mary Magdalene Procession & Festival: Living Tradition

Full of tradition. Religious and secular at the same time. The ‘Luitascher’ organise an annual procession in honour of St Mary Magdalene on July 22 – and celebrate the occasion afterwards. It is a real village tradition where the people of the Leutasch valley dress themselves in their finest regional costumes.

The church day has its origins in the dedication of the church in the Upper Leutasch valley to St Mary Magdalene when it was first built in 1190 and again for the newly-constructed church in 1820. The Patrocinium with a procession always takes place on July 22 – no matter which day it is – from the Upper Leutasch church.

It’s festival time! Colourful regional costumes and a living tradition

The festival is celebrated as a secular village event after the religious service in Oberleutasch, as in many places. Certainly the ‘Luitascher’ will be putting on their finery for this important feast day: festival costumes are worn proudly during the Patrocinium and the subsequent procession.
Those visiting the region have a rare opportunity to experience a traditional church Patrocinium with the Feast of St Mary Magdalene and to share in the subsequent village celebrations. The afternoon programme is organised by the active ‘Luitascher’ clubs and associations who will be tempting visitors with sweet and savoury delights.

1 Feast – 2 Musical Groups

When the Egerland formation of the Leutasch band plays after the move into the festival square, everyone will already be gathered. And the dance floor will not stay empty…

No Shortage of Specialities

In addition to all the culinary delights, the local clubs have their own specialities on offer: the sharpshooters with their shooting gallery, the football club Leutasch, the ski club Leutasch and the Volunteer Fire Brigade Leutasch are also present. The young farmers and the Landjugend regional youth organisation are looking after the bar and disco in the evening. The celebrations will be going on until midnight!

The culinary delights range from festival ‘Krapfen’ through grilled meats to the almost legendary “Musischnitzel” that is simply a part of the Feast of St Mary Magdalene…

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