How the Seefeld Christmas Market came to its Christmas Tree: A Pre-Christmas Story

15. November 2019

We were on a mission: For months we searched in the forests of the region, every fir and every spruce was closely examined. Until it was finally found: the perfect Christmas tree for the Seefeld Christmas Market. The demands are high, because it has an honourable task to fulfil: Decorated with its colourful fairy lights and ornaments, it enlightens not only the Christmas Market but also the hearts of its visitors. This year I got to be involved in the preparations and the setting up of the most beautiful tree.

Finding the perfect Christmas tree

The men of the Seefeld municipality and forester Rudi Saurwein took me to the traditional setting up of the Christmas tree this year and brought me right back to my childhood. Only this time the search was a bit bigger than in my childhood – 15 meters to be exact. An oversized Christmas tree search, so to speak. The perfect tree, by the way, is a spruce and a genuine Seefeld local. It was found not far from the Christmas Market in the Kirchwald district of Seefeld. “I counted 43 life rings”, Rudi tells me later. “If I haven’t miscounted myself…” he adds with a wink.



In order to bring the spruce – a real beauty – to the pedestrian area in Seefeld, the heavy and powerful truck first had to climb the narrow road. With the help of its crane, which can lift a proud 2 tons to 17 meters, Rudi (who of course weighs considerably less) is first lifted into the airy heights. He attaches several ropes to the spruce so that it can be lifted later. If the spruce were to overturn, the branches would break off, causing great damage to the spruce. After only a few minutes Rudi is down on the ground and the buzzing of the chainsaw sounds. The sight how the huge spruce suddenly rises into the air with the help of the crane and floats a few meters above the ground is simply impressive.


Very carefully the men put the tree down on the crane and tie the branches carefully. Then the tree is carefully transported to the Seefeld pedestrian zone. The huge tree causes a sensation among the visitors of the pedestrian zone. Arriving at the village square, the spruce is lifted up into the air once more to be finally set up in its new home. After only a few hours, Rudi Saurwein, Markus Schatz from the building yard Seefeld and their men made it. Directly in front of the church St. Oswald the beautiful spruce now watches over the Christmas Market. This sight tells me: soon it is finally time! Only a few days until the Christmas Market opens and the most beautiful time of the year begins. By the way, the spruce is decorated a few days after it is set up. Dressed up with red ornaments and shining lights you can soon admire it at the Seefeld Christmas Market!

Also the huts and another wonderful highlight of the Christmas Market, the bell tower, follow only a few days after the construction of the Christmas tree and this time in beautiful sunshine.

If you’d like to watch the preparations of the Christmas Market live, you can have a look at our webcam in Seefeld and see what is happening there right now!

Atmospheric Christmas Market in Seefeld

On 29 November, the Christmas Market in the Seefeld pedestrian zone opens its doors . Many small, lovingly designed stands await you with mulled wine and punch, delicious Kiachln (a Tyrolean specialty) and other delicacies as well as with homemade products and gift ideas. This marks the beginning of the Advent season. At the Christmas Market you can spend some great moments with your loved ones and count the days until Christmas. What you can expect this winter at the Seefeld Christmas Market and in the Advent season in the whole region, you can read here.

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Fotos: Tessa Mellinger

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