A piece of Tyrol at home: Recipe for a perfect Brettljause

9. April 2020

Hardly anything tastes more Tyrolean than a hearty Brettljause. Up in the mountains on an alpine pasture it tastes especially good, of course, but at home it is pure enjoyment too. Get a piece of Tyrol home and on the dining table: here are our tips on how to make the perfect Brettljause!

The “How-To-Brettljause”: Everything you need to know

We Tyroleans are real “Brettljausen” experts, the “cold plate” as a snack is served at (almost) any time of day. Whether as a so-called “Neunelen” as a second breakfast, as a snack in the afternoon or in the evening, the Brettjause follows the simple principle: the more often, the better! We rarely enjoy a snack alone – we much rather invite our friends and family to join us, because it tastes even better together. Brettljause is typically served on a wooden board. A few butter knives and a sharp knife to cut the sausage should not be missing.

But a real snack is not just a little cheese, sausage and bread – there is more to it than that. For a tasty snack you need few ingredients, but the most important rule is: only the best quality is served. Regional products, made with love and craftsmanship and with plenty of time matured ingredients make the pleasure perfect.

An original Brettljause: The ingredients

Very important for the Brettljause is first of all the real Tyrolean bacon, which has a very special meaning with its spicy taste. It should not be too lean, but also not too fat, is well seasoned, mildly smoked and smoked for up to six months in the fresh mountain air of Tyrol. It is best cut into strips (“Stifterl”). Sausages such as Bergwurzen, Kaminwurzerl or Landjäger must also be on the plate.

Spicy Tyrolean mountain cheese is also a must along with bacon. The longer it has been allowed to mature, the more intense and spicy its taste. If you like mild cheese, you might not be happy with it, but when it comes to our mountain cheese, we Tyroleans don’t do any compromises!

Cream cheese provides the mild part of the snack. Especially creamy or with fresh herbs, it makes for a varied snack.

The bread is the basis of a good snack. A crusty, fresh brown bread or aromatic “Vinschgerl” are best.

Pickled gherkins and other vegetables add even more colour. Here you can take whatever the pantry has to offer.

A really healthy ingredient is horseradish. It is eaten with bacon and cheese, preferably so much of it that the spiciness almost hurts.

Last but not least the real secret ingredient: butter. It is often forgotten and overlooked completely unjustly, but it is through it that the full flavour of all the ingredients really comes into its own. Therefore, it is important to remember that no compromises are made with butter, neither in quantity nor in quality. Fresh butter from the mountain pasture or from the farmer at the market it makes the big difference in taste.

A schnapps for digestion at the end of the meal is of course also a must. Obstler or Tiroler Zirbenschnaps are always welcome. Maybe you will drink two of them once in a while.

Brettljause: list of ingredients

  • Bread: crusty brown bread or crispy Vinschgerl
  • genuine Tyrolean bacon
  • mountain sausages, spicy sausages and/or Landjäger
  • Cream cheese
  • various mountain cheeses, matured for at least 6 months and other cheeses to taste
  • pickled cucumbers and other vegetables
  • Horseradish, freshly grated or from the jar
  • some salt and pepper
  • A schnapps at the end: Obstler or whichever you prefer

Arrange everything with love, according to the same principle as Christine does it on the Scharnitzer Alm: “I try to make a piece of art out of every Brettljause!”


It tastes best on the mountain pasture: this is definitely due to the fresh mountain air and the fact that you have more than earned the snack after the ascent. You can find an overview of our mountain pastures and huts in the region here.

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