Sweet childhood memory: Moosbeernocken

1. July 2020

They simply belong to the summer like sunshine and swimming: billberries! These nutricious blue berries are currently growing everywhere in our region. They are not only the perfect energy boost during a hike, but also the engredient for delicious deserts. We have got one recipe for you that will awake childhood memories: “Moosbeernocken”, a kind of Tyrolean bilberry pancake. Cook Patrick Trois from the Dorfkrug Mösern shares his easy yet very tasty recipe with us.



You only need a couple of ingredients:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 sip of milk
  • 1 handful of flour
  • billberries (1 -2 hands full) (you can also add other berries or fruits if you like)
  • some butter

For the “topping”:

  • powdered sugar
  • cinnamon sugar
  • vanilla ice cream


The easy preparation:

Mix the egg and the flour in a mixing bowl. Then add a good splash of milk. Stir until you have a batter that is the consistency of a pancake batter. Add one or two handful bilberries and carefully mix with a fork. Put the clarified butter in a pan and add the batter. Fry each side around 2 minutes. Then leave them to drain on a kitchen paper. At last, dust them with icing sugar and some cinnamon. Put a bowl of your favourite ice cream on the side and serve the “Moosbeernocken”



Tipp: If you like berries, you can try out this recipe with other berries, too!

Download: The recipe

Find the download of the recipe here:

Moosbeernocken Recipe English

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