The most beautiful walks and hikes in autumn

1. September 2020

Golden larch forests, great light and mystical moods: autumn is a special season. And a real outdoor season. We have the best hikes and bike tours in autumn for you so you can fully enjoy the golden season.

Walk around the Gschwandtkopf

On this round trip you can enjoy autumn and do some sightseeing at the same time. The walk around the Gschwandtkopf leads you along Seefeld, Mösern and Auland near Reith. Here you can enjoy the autumn forests (in Reith the larch forests are particularly beautiful) and discover the region. I would also highly recommend extending the walk a little and hiking up to the top of the Gschwandtkopf from where you can enjoy the most spectacular view over the region.

Panoramic trail in Reith

Reith is my insider tip for a short hike in autumn, because there are huge larch forests here which change into golden colours. On the panoramic trail you can dive into the woods and enjoy great views over the village and the Inntal valley.

Walk to the Brunschkopf

The Brunschkopf is a panoramic mountain for all seasons. From the platform you can enjoy the view over the whole area of Seefeld and all surrounding peaks all the way to Zugspitze (Germany’s highest mountain). The ascent to the Brunschkopf will never be boring because there are many different ways to get to the top. You start from Seefeld or Mösern and walk through the autumnal forest to the top of the hill. The Brunschkopf can be made until late in the season and also with the first snow.

To the Ahornboden

When I say that the Großer Ahornboden (“Great Maple Ground”) and the Kleiner Ahornboden (“Small Maple Ground”) are indescribably beautiful in autumn, that is no exaggeration. All the beauty of these places cannot be expressed in words. The 2,000 maple trees at the Großer Ahornboden at 1,200 metres above sea level are over 500 years old and change their colour in autumn into all varieties: orange, yellow, green and red. This makes for breathtaking photo motifs. In the Eng, the oldest alpine village in Europe, you can have a break at the Eng Alm. A little smaller, but by no means less beautiful, is the Kleiner Ahornboden.

To the Seefelder Joch and lake Kaltwassersee

Whether with or without mountain railway support: a tour to the Seefelder Joch is worthwhile in autumn. From the Seefelder Joch you have one of the best views over the whole region, the Inntal valley and all the way to the Karwendel mountains. You can reach the Seefelder Joch by foot or bike and until the end of October you can still use the cable car. For the descent or as a solo tour I recommend lake Kaltwassersee. Embedded in the mountain landscape, the lake is a place of longing and also offers a great photo motif.

Short walk through the Katzenloch near Leutasch

The Katzenloch (“cat hole”) from Leutasch is a still quite unknown hike, but perfect for this season. The nature here is strikingly beautiful. With about 2 hours the walk is rather short and equipped with a rain jacket it can also be done even in bad weather. No-one can tell where the name really comes from but one suspects that in former times Luxe, thus “cats”, were sighted there.

Walk around lake Möserer See

It may be too cold to jump into the lake in autumn (at least for most people) but a walk around the Möserer See is still beautiful in the golden season. Sometimes the fog lies deep above the water and the deciduous trees drop their colourful leaves and on other, more sunny days it is still very warm by the lake. If you would like to extend your walk, you can continue from there to lake Lottensee and Wildmoosalm or even to the Brunschkopf.

Cabins and huts that are still open in autumn

Even though summer is over, there are some huts and cabins in the region that are open a little longer. During a hike you can enjoy the autumn landscape and then have a rest at a cosy cabin. You can find out which huts are open and when they have rest days in our list of huts and cabins. The following huts and cabins are open until the end of October: Binsalm, Bodenalm, Brunnsteinhütte, Eppzirler Alm, Gaistalalm, Leutascher Klammstüberl, Möserer Seestub’n, Hochegg Alm, Reitherjochalm and Rosshütte Panoramarestaurant, Tillfussalm, Wangalm and Wildmoosalm. Even longer – until the beginning of November – you can enjoy the Wettersteinhütte, the Ehrwalder Alm and the Tirolerhaus in autumn. The Enzian Hütte near Reith is open all year round except for a short break between 27 October and 4 November.

Opening hours may vary depending on the weather. If you have any questions while planning a tour, our information offices will be happy to assist you.


Hike or bike tour to the source of the river Isar near Scharnitz

The source of the river Isar in the Karwendel Nature Park is a popular place for bikers and hikers in summer, and I know why. The impressive peaks and the turquoise water of the Isar are impressive. Those who cycle through the Hinterautal in autumn can enjoy the colourful nature there almost on their own. My tips for this tour: The path is easy, but quite long, so it is best to do it by bike. Bring warm clothes in autumn because the valley quickly becomes shady in the afternoon. And look from time to time left and right at the way, here you can find cranberries and all sorts of mushrooms. You can do the tour until the first snow has reached the valley.

Walk through the autumnal Spirit Gorge

My tip for families and adventure seekers: the Spirit Gorge near Leutasch is open until the end of October. With its rushing waters and the exciting trails and bridges, the gorge is one of the most beautiful in the Alps.

You can also find all tours on our interactive map. And did you know that all our winter hiking trails are prepared all year round? Here you will find the most beautiful hiking trails if it has already snowed. If you have any questions when planning your tours, please feel free to contact us in our information offices or simply write to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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