The Seefeld plateau breakfast: Your truly sustainable start to the day!

20. July 2022

Good morning, sunshine! The perfect day begins with the right breakfast: Delicious and varied, fresh and full of energy. And of course: Everything regional! What sounds extraordinarily delicious has already become a quality morning routine in the Region Seefeld. Where selected regional businesses exclusively serve regional quality products for breakfast, from free-range eggs to delicious mountain bee honey, under the “Seefelder Plateaufrühstück” (Seefeld Plateau Breakfast) seal of quality. Naturally we have tested and feasted on the most pampering breakfast buffet in the Alps for you.


Truly sustainable!

Since autumn 2020, the Seefeld region has been working hard to strengthen every issue of sustainability at Tirols Hochplateau with the project Echt Nachhaltig (Really Sustainable). In addition to measures for nature conservation and biodiversity, the local tourism board is also committed to regional food and value-added cycles: Short distances reduce resources, traditional crafts strengthen culture and regional identity, plus the agriculture on Tirols Hochplateau produces high-quality food directly on site. For over a year now, a whole range of local products have been already available as “Echtes Plateauprodukt” (Genuine Plateau Product) at the Seefeld information office and selected hotels.


Truly regional!

The “Seefeld Plateau Breakfast” project – developed by the tourism board together with Agrarmarketing Tirol (AMTirol) and Neutrauter*Frisch – is now venturing even further. The sustainable idea: To obtain central components of a rich alpine breakfast directly and regionally. Bread, butter, milk and eggs as well as at least one type of jam, cheese and sausage specialities. All of them genuine Tyrolean quality products – and if possible even local products directly from the plateau. So you may enjoy the whole variety of the region on your plate already in the morning. For example in the Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld – Tirol, Klosterbräu Hotel & Spa and Hotel Garni Olympia in Seefeld. Or at Alpenhotel Karwendel and Apartmenthotel Zugspitze in Leutasch. But also at the Lärchenhof Natur and the Panoramahotel Inntalerhof in Mösern – and soon many more!


Truly honest!

The sustainable idea is by no means new, as many guest establishments have already been offering regional products for a long time. But the “Seefelder Plateaufrühstück” now creates an official standard – for which the businesses are also visibly awarded by Agrarmarketing Tirol. Similar to the “Bewusst Tirol” project, all delivery quantities are meticulously recorded by AMTirol and randomly checked on site. An honest and objective system.

The Seefeld plateau breakfast: Your truly sustainable start to the day! 4

“By using regional food, the Plateaufrühstück partner businesses not only provide added culinary value, but also promote environmental and climate protection through short transport routes and sustainable food production. The added value stays in the region.”, emphasises Matthias Pöschl, Managing Director of Agrarmarketing Tirol.


Truly precious!

The advantages of the regional economy also ensure increased appreciation among guests, who can now experience each breakfast much more consciously. While the hosts can position themselves in a promotionally effective way with an official award and quality seal. As a successful best-practice example, the Seefeld Plateau Breakfast may soon serve as a model for other regions in the future. Because with the most valuable natural treasures directly from the heart of the Alps, an old farmer’s saying also gains a whole new meaning here: The early morning has a taste of gold.

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