Recipe for happiness: Schlutzkrapfen

“You can’t eat happiness.” Yes, you can – here in Tyrol! Because we have got “Schlutzkrapfen”. A regional, traditional and most of all delicious dish that is simply part of Tyrol. The “Schlutzkrapfen” is the king of the “Krapfen”, a special kind of filled noodles. ...

The pull of a winter idyll

Life is a little bit richer after this hike through the winter idyll of the Seefeld plateau. There’s crunching beneath the soles. A cold crunching, as funny as that may sound initially. Only when the temperatures are low enough, do our steps in the snow ...

When skis learned how to walk

The first ski hikers traversing the Seefeld plateau were considered a curiosity, as well as a little crazy. Today, it’s almost impossible to think of Seefeld without cross-country skiers. It’s hard to imagine a picture of the snow-covered Seefeld plateau without cross-country skiers. In the ...