Plateau Stories


The Draught of Princesses

Those who believe that women are not keen on the taste of beer haven’t indulged in ‘the draught of princesses’ from the Klosterbräu brewery. And those who stick to the old-fashioned belief that a cool glass of beer can only be enjoyed by the males ...

Paragliding in the early morning

Crazy? Yep. Crazy about those mountains. What could be lovelier than to applaud the sunrise high above the clouds and to watch how the colour of the sky shifts between shades of red, orange and pink. Slowly the shining stars give way to a new ...

The King’s Route – Royal Thrills

If you ask me, I’d say that I live in one of the loveliest areas of the Alps. When my Swedish friend Andreas arrived for a visit this summer I wanted to prove it to him. What could have been better than to take a ...

Welcome from Miami – Barbara Becker

Barbara Becker is a frequent visitor to the Olympiaregion Seefeld. We hear a whisper that the actress and fashion designer visited us again this summer. Definitely a lover of the Alps, we hope she takes some inspiration from the mountains back home with her.   ...