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Ski Instructors And Women’s Hearts

A ski instructor has only to bat his eyelashes and women throw themselves at his feet. True? Or at least at some point in the past? Let’s look at the myth of the ski instructor… Ski instructors have got it made Fine, I’ll admit it. ...

When skis learned how to walk

The first ski hikers traversing the Seefeld plateau were considered a curiosity, as well as a little crazy. Today, it’s almost impossible to think of Seefeld without cross-country skiers. It’s hard to imagine a picture of the snow-covered Seefeld plateau without cross-country skiers. In the ...

10 Ways To Make Your Next Ski Holiday Unforgettable

Who isn’t familiar with the feeling of looking forward to your ski holiday like a child before Christmas? But then you have to deal with the most important question of all: what am I going to take with me? And, especially, how cold will it ...

Ideas for the perfect Christmas present

Only one month and then at last it’s Christmas! Something to celebrate – and time to start to think what presents to choose for those nearest and dearest to you. We have a few ideas for you that could make those eyes light up under ...

Sun-Skiing in spring time

It’s finally that time of the year again: Spring time! The days are getting longer and the sunbeams stronger. This time of the year is simply perfect to fill your body with vitamin D and get rid of the winter blues. Let the sun kiss ...
Training Camp

ÖSV Woman Speed Team

18.01.2017│The ÖSV Women Speed Team with Nici Schmidhofer, Tamara Tippler, Elisabeth Görgl, Mirijam Puchner and Christine Scheyer, visited us for two intensive training days in Seefeld. Full of vigor and motivation, the team was training in the ski area at the Gschwandtkopf.
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